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luxury phone in the world

The Best 15 Luxury & Expensive Phones in the World in 2024

Technology keeps evolving. And as the pioneer of technology, the high-end luxury phone is more than just a communication device. It embodies style, exclusivity, and cutting-edge technology.

As we dive into elite luxury properties, this article will unveil the top 15 luxury phones billionaire preferred (and why they are so expensive!), showcasing devices are not only for communication but also exemplify the epitome of sophistication lifestyle.

Top 15 Luxury Phones in the World

The 15 top luxury phone brands below, each with its unique approach to design and innovation, have crafted the phone to cater to the desires of the elite, presenting not just luxury phones but veritable works of art.

1. Vertu Signature V (Gold, Diamonds, Alligator ) - $118,500

This phone is a status symbol of the highest order, crafted from 18k gold, dazzling diamonds, and exquisite alligator leather. It's not just a communication tool, but a work of art.

2. Vertu METAVERTU II - $5,100

It features a titanium body as well as a special edition digital wallet for storing cryptocurrency. The METAVERTU II is a phone for the tech-savvy luxury consumer.

- EXTRA OPINION: Why is VERTU so expensive?

VERTU has been discussed for the high price since its establishment. Apart from materials like diamonds, rare leathers, expensive metals, are there any other reasons? 

You can read VERTU uncover article to find moew answers.

3. Tag Heuer Meridiist 2 - $5,305

It features a sporty design with a ceramic bezel and rubber strap.

4. Tonino Lamborghini Antares - $4,000

This phone features a sleek design with a carbon fiber body and a leather back. The Antares also has some high-end specs, such as a sapphire crystal display and a 48MP camera.

5. Gold HTC One - $4,489

This is a limited edition version of the HTC One M8. It features a 24k gold body and a diamond-encrusted speaker.

6. Sirin Labs' Solarin - $16,000

This phone is made of titanium body with a sapphire crystal display and a built-in encryption chip.

7. iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition - $8 Million

This phone is a custom creation by Stuart Hughes. It features a 24k gold body with 500 diamonds, including a single pink diamond on the home button.

8. iPhone 4s Elite Gold - $9.4 Million

It features a 24k gold body with 660 diamonds, including a single 8-carat flawless diamond on the home button.

9. iPhone 3G King's Button - $2.5 Million

This iPhone was created for the King of Saudi Arabia. It features a 24k gold body with a 66-carat diamond on the home button.

10. iPhone 5 Black Diamond - $15.9 Million

This phone is another custom creation by Stuart Hughes. It features a 24k gold body with 138 black diamonds and a single 26-carat flawless diamond on the home button.

Extra Opinion: Why Does Expensive Customized iPhone Disappear?

There used to be a lot of expensive custom iPhones, but why aren't there so many now?

  • Luxury phone market

The luxury phone market beyond just custom iPhones. People prefer established luxury brands like Vertu and TAG Heuer. These brands offer a blend of high-end materials, craftsmanship, and exclusive access that customized iPhones, even with diamonds, couldn't always match.

  • Cost vs. Practicality

Adorned with precious materials and intricate designs carry a high risk of damage during daily use. And cause customization takes a long time, once something goes wrong, it will affect the owner’s efficiency(or mood).

So these are the reasons why luxury iPhones seems decline. But luxury phones still exist, and the focus is moving towards established brands and more subtle forms of customization.

11. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond -$48.5 Million

Created by Falcon, it features a 24k gold body with 18 carats of pink diamonds and a single 47-carat flawless diamond on the home button.

12. Goldvish Revolution - $490,000

This phone features a titanium body with a carbon fiber back and a sapphire crystal display.

13. Goldvish Le Million -$1.3 Million

This extravagant phone is made of solid gold and features a crocodile leather back. It also has a diamond-encrusted keypad and a sapphire crystal display.

14. Gresso Las Vegas Jackpot -$1 Million

This phone is inspired by the roulette wheel. It features a titanium body with a spinning diamond rotor on the back.

15. Savelli Jardin Secret Black Insane- $76,500

This phone is black PVD-coated titanium body with a floral design. It also has a sapphire crystal display and a built-in fingerprint scanner.

Does an Expensive Phone Mean a Better One?

After knowing those expensive phones, curious minds may rise: What makes people invest significantly in a smartphone? Are luxury phones really worth it? What behind their premium price tags?

5 Reasons Why Luxury Phones are Good?

1. Information Security

Many people prioritize information security, so top-end phone brands try their best for privacy and data protection.

Vertu carries advanced encryption and absolute data to keep hacks away.

Sirin Labs works with security firms to against threats.

To meet luxury phone target users' needs, every top-tier brand invests huge financial and technology to make itself stand out on the top-end phone market.

2. High-Quality Materials

Expensive metal, high-tech materials (carbon fiber), rare gems (pink diamonds), precious leather, these luxury phones' high-quality materials ensure not only durability but also an unmatched aesthetic appeal.

Vertu phones are made of titanium, carbon fiber, and exquisite leathers phone cases and covers (like calf).

Customized iPhones are embedded pink diamonds and old African wood, gold for frame or even whole phone cover.

3. Specialized Operating System

Exclusive phones boast specialized operating systems that are tailored to provide a seamless and secure experience.

4. Powerful Chips

Smooth multitasking, high-speed data processing, and superior graphics, we can find that the heart of the phone lies in its processing power.

Luxury phone brands use the most advanced, reliable chip technology to meet customers' needs.

5. Unique Services

Vertu offers unique and exclusive concierge service: accommodations, travel arrangements, restaurant reservations, airline tickets, and more.

Thus we can see, why are expensive phones better? That's because what behind the price is not only pay for the materials, but also the unique services.

vertu craft high-end phone
Image from Vertu

Customer Opinion on Expensive Phones

And people have different opinions on luxury phones. Let's see what customers say:

- Harold017: "I don’t understand why judging peoples purchases on this sub. I don’t see why that matters if it doesn’t impact you. It's just about lifestyle."

- IamRichard: "For a lot of people, phones are a utility purchase more than a luxury, and judging people as though they should be happy spending the bare minimum no matter their personal circumstances isn’t an emotionally healthy way to approach simple living."

- Neil: "Privacy matters most to me, and expensive phones will ensure heightened security features. Like my metavertu, it offers the MPC digital wallet, which makes things convenient. That's why I buy it."

- ando: "I think any price is worth it if I like it, even if it's more than $4000."

Actually, every penny is worth it. Low-priced phone gives up many like hardware, material, and some functions, while high-priced phone not only made of high-quality materials but also attached additional convenient features or services.

What is the Best Luxury Phone?

If you want to buy a luxury phone, how to choose the one that is best for you? Which is the the best luxury phone brand for you?

Shopping Tips

1. Define your "Luxury"

Haute couture(Vertu), tech avant-garde (Samsung), or fashion fusion( Dolce & Gabbana x Motorola blend designer). Which do you think the luxury is in your mind?

2. Know your Priorities

Material, tech, brand? How would you rank for them?

The Best Luxury Phone in 2024

After knowing so much of luxury phone, we select 3 luxury phone brands in 2024 and compare them in this chart, so you can see the pros and cons of eachone and choose the one suits you best.

Vertu MetaVertu 2nd
Black Carbon
Goldgenie Black Diamond
iPhone 14 Pro Max
Caviar iPhone 15 Pro Max Jobs 4
Full Gold 18K
$43,330 $142,990
Materials Precious leather(calf/alligator)
Carbon fiber
Sapphire display screen
Black Diamonds
18k gold
Solid 18k Gold
Miniature gold
Features Cutting-edge Web3 & AI integration
Exquisite craftsmanship
Premium bulter service
iPhone 14 pro max iPhone 15 pro max
Pros Web3 Wallet
(MPC digital Wallet)
Notable brand
Embedded diamonds
Notable brand
Investment piece
Unique design
Cons Niche brand Impractical design Too Expensive


From phone cases to powerful and unique service, every luxury phone on the list stands as a symbol of prestige and innovation.

For financial elites and geeks seeking the pinnacle of luxury and techs, Vertu emerges as the epitome, offering a perfect blend of craftsmanship, security, and exclusivity.

As we witness the constant evolution of technology, luxury phones continue to break the boundaries of what a phone can be, proving that for some, cellphones are not just about calling tools but glimpse of exclusive lifestyle.

In conclusion, the world of luxury phones in 2024 is a testament to the fusion of technology.

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