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  • Introduction to VERTU British Concierge Service
  • One-touch Ruby Button
  • Introduction to VERTU VIP Benefits
  • Guide to Using VERTU VIP Benefits



In 2002, VERTU's concierge service received its task.In 2005, 10,000 tasks were completed.
In 2008, concierge services has entered China.
In 2013, VERTU launches a personalised and exclusive service.
In 2021, the concierge service was fully upgraded, and expanded to 147 standard services projects .
In 2023, the concierge service will be upgraded again, incorporating web3.0 benefits, to create a colorful life for you.

Over the 20 years of development of VERTU's concierge service, the brand concept of "creating extraordinary" will always be adhered to. With premium services available 24/7, we are ready to serve you at any time. Private assistants with more than 5 years of service experience in different professional fields are committed to providing you with an unparalleled lifestyle and attitude at your fingertips. The one-to-one service that is always insisted on will continuously surprise you, turning ordinary moments into pleasures, and presenting you with an extraordinary experience that is truly visible.



VERTU's concierge service is the gateway to your extraordinary world. With our attentive arrangements, you will:

  • Attend top global sporting events.
  • Play tennis with Agassi and Graf in Las Vegas.
  • Enjoy a luxurious dinner on the stage of the Budapest National Opera House.
  • Share a private dinner with British royalty and engage in face-to-face communication.
  • Meet with world-renowned chefs at Michelin-starred restaurants and taste exclusive custom tasting menus.
  • Explore the natural mysteries of a private island and indulge in a relaxing vacation in the world's most secluded resort.

Professional team, worry-free service, and peace of mind understanding you

  • VERTU's concierge service team possesses the professional competence and knowledge of an English assistant.
  • They have a deep understanding of your habits and needs, and are committed to providing you with carefully selected bespoke services. Wherever you are, VERTU's concierge service are available 24/7 to serve you, collecting the world's wonders with care and helping you unlock the infinite possibilities of a brilliant world.


Start your exclusive 24-hour English concierge service with just one click.

  • Your personal assistant will tailor a range of exclusive experiences filled with creativity and inspiration based on your lifestyle, interests, and needs. This includes many areas such as travel, luxury living, health management, high-end education, web3.0, etc. The goal is to meet your most discerning tastes and provide you with even higher levels of satisfaction. Press the one-click ruby button or call 400-1250-888 and your personal assistant will explain many exclusive privileges to you. Open the VERTU LIFE mini program or app to learn more about extraordinary privileges and exclusive benefits. The "Personal Assistant Service Manual" presents 147 rights in detail.
  • The SIG phone can use the ruby button with one click, the iVERTU phone can use it with a double click, and the METAVERTU phone can activate the personal assistant service by clicking the ruby button and then the volume button.

Curated selection of high-end global resources priority access to member privileges



  • Luxury hotels
  • Business travel
  • Customized travel arrangements
  • VIP service for guests

Private Enjoyment

  • Fine dining at top restaurants
  • Private chef banquets
  • Exclusive luxury shopping worldwide
  • Tickets to global cultural and sporting events
  • Private dinners with celebrities
  • Global high-end luxury bespoke services


  • Overseas identity planning
  • Study abroad services


  • NFT project investment consultation
  • Wallet, project analyzer

Investment and Research

  • Asset planning
  • Top global credit card application
  • Free access to international media
  • Secondhand luxury item appraisal and buyback
  • Free legal and tax consultation

Asia Miles

  • NFT project investment consultation
  • Wallet, project analyzer


Exclusive privileges from global luxury hotel groups await your visit

  • Carefully selected global luxury hotel groups as preferred partners
  • Strict selection of luxury hotel resources
  • Bringing you exclusive and distinguished privileges!

VERTU selects from over 2500 luxury hotels, resorts, private islands and estates worldwide, covering every corner of the globe, and maintains a good and close cooperative relationship with top global hotel brands, providing you with luxurious living experiences and extraordinary benefits and privileges, such as late check-out, free room upgrades, $100 restaurant vouchers, welcome fruit, and more.

Meet your ultimate pursuit of accommodation quality.


Luxury cars, private jets, yachts and cruises are defined as your travel option

VERTU offers you a full range of high-end travel services related to travel, business trips, immigration, and more. From comfortable and convenient business cars, luxurious charter cars, and even travel RVs, to limited edition car models with only 10 units worldwide, down to the selection of license plate numbers, your personal assistant can meet your needs to the fullest extent possible.

With private and exclusive private jets, and even cruise services that allow you to travel while enjoying the scenery, VERTU relies on its strong travel supply network to provide you with a quality travel experience and ensure that you arrive at your destination with peace of mind.


All the beautiful things are on the road and with family. Your personal assistant awaits you at the starting point

VERTU focuses on personalized luxury vacation customization. Our professional global travel managers can not only tailor travel plans that meet your individual needs and arrange all aspects of your travel, but also provide them at prices lower than the market rate. Moreover, if you are tired of routine itineraries, your personal assistant can also work with top global guides and adventure teams with over 20 years of experience to create a safe and unique itinerary for you. We aim to help you discover stunning destinations and different local cultural experiences, fulfill your various travel wishes with your family, and bring you valuable and unforgettable memories.


With over 1,600 VIP lounges and express lanes worldwide, our services cater to your diverse needs

VERTU has deep cooperation with over 1600 airports and high-speed rail VIP lounges worldwide. As long as you have a VERTU phone and contact your personal assistant, you can enjoy VIP services for free in VIP lounges around the world, getting rid of the fatigue of your business trip.

Except that, the personal assistant will prepare intimate VIP services for you. After getting off the plane, a luxury business car will be waiting you at the tarmac, avoiding the crowdedness of getting off the plane and giving you the most comfortable experience.


Instantly reserve Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide.Dine for free at over 20 top domestic clubs, giving you the ultimate gourmet experience

VERTU selects over 1,000 Michelin-starred restaurants in 22 countries worldwide, offering free priority reservations to save you the hassle of booking at least two weeks in advance. Some restaurants even offer exclusive customized services such as private room decoration, free pre-dinner drinks and snacks, free seat selection, live music performances, and customized special meals, providing you with the best service experience possible. In China, there are more than 20 top private clubs where you can dine for free without membership fees.


Treasure every piece of art, only for those who strive for it

VERTU has luxury suppliers in nearly 100 countries around the world. No matter what brand, style or even limited edition collectibles you are looking to buy, your personal assistant will use all available resources to search for it globally.

With a guarantee of authenticity and the ultimate value for money, we offer procurement and delivery services worldwide, so you can enjoy luxury shopping from the comfort of your home.


Culture endures, and our concierge service bring you the best cultural experiences

VERTU provides our VIP with global popular show and sports event ticket reservation service, arranging for you to watch in the best viewing position. At the same time, your personal assistant can arrange for you to meet and greet with performers and athletes during breaks, take photos, and get autographs, allowing you to truly experience zero distance contact and barrier-free communication with your favorite people.


When we chat, we talk like scholars. No one here is an ordinary personPrivate assistants will assist in creating your social circle

VERTU regularly hosts offline private banquets, where guests are specially invited by VERTU, including business tycoons, financial giants, fashion icons, and celebrities from the entertainment industry. Here, you can meet and network with elite socialites from various fields, discuss plans and learn from each other. There is no bias or hierarchy here, and all attendees are your peers.


With a global network of resources and extensive practical experience, VERTU has assembled a team of immigration experts from around the world to provide you with a tailored and efficient plan for your family and personal overseas identity, in the ever-changing global landscape.


VERTU partners with top education experts in the industry to connect you to global elite education resources, including competitions and research projects, entrepreneurship and internship resources, study abroad exclusive exchange programs, credit courses from prestigious universities, international school applications, study abroad program design and full-landing services.

VERTU will provide consulting services for future elites of all ages in studying abroad, and guide them through the complex global education environment.


concierge service Plan the asset allocation for You

VERTU has more than ten asset planners who provide a range of asset planning services such as family offices, overseas real estate, financial consulting, and personal security. Our automated system constructs asset information and continuously monitors asset changes, protecting your assets from the inside out and giving you peace of mind.


Private assistants help optimize your cash flow

VERTU has deep cooperation with top financial companies all over the world. With only partial information provided to your private assistant, you will have the opportunity to easily apply for a top-tier credit card with no upper spending limit through non-standard services. You will also be able to enjoy all the benefits that come with a top-tier credit card, optimizing your cash flow and bringing you an extraordinary experience.


VERTU provides the latest international publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Times, The Economist, and others, presenting you with the most up-to-date global content and perspectives in daily and weekly editions.

We also offer the latest investment research reports and industry analysis reports from various domestic platforms, presenting you with the latest industry information so you will never fall behind.

We select outstanding e-books and online magazines and update them regularly. Additionally, we recommend one good book each week, focusing on pursuing high-quality content and helping you truly gain something from what you read.


Whether it's founding a project, implementing it, or promoting it, our concierge service fulfill all your needs

VERTU provides professional web3 project analysis and investment consulting services, and has more than 80% of the media channels in the industry, dozens of operators, and hundreds of software development teams. If you need to create your own project, your personal assistant can help you sort out the project logic in the shortest possible time. If you already have your own project and need to promote it, your personal assistant will also arrange an absolutely preferential price for precise promotion. Even if you need to develop your own software, your personal assistant will arrange a software team to develop the product you have in mind.


Wallet? NFT? Your personal assistant will escort you

VERTU provides professional individual wallet address analysis services, including but not limited to: activity time of individual wallets/transaction records/interaction time with other wallets/direction of digital currency flow/similar active addresses/NFT sales in the last 7 days/total profit and realized income of NFT/NFT liquidity, etc.

Not only that, your personal assistant is also your investment partner. For NFT projects you are interested in, your personal assistant will provide detailed analysis of project value to make your investment easier.


VERTU members earn points through consumption and redeem them for hotel, ticketing, and other products

VERTU has partnered with Asia Miles to offer an exceptional experience for VERTU members. By purchasing VERTU phones through designated channels, members can earn Asia Miles. At the same time, purchasing VERTU phones also earns members points that can be used to redeem Asia Miles through the VERTU LIFE app or contacting your personal assistant.

Asia Miles' partner institutions cover areas such as aviation, hotels, dining, financial services, retail, and electronic technology products, allowing members to easily earn miles through daily consumption and enjoy the "Miles of Life".


Private Assistant Activation

  • Please activate this service within 3 days of purchasing the phone. To log in, use the mobile phone number and verification code provided during registration. If you need to delay or change the beneficiary of the service for any special reason, you can submit an application to the VERTU Private Assistant Department.

Change of Binding Number

  • Non-VERTU phones cannot be bound to the VERTU LIFE APP. If there are special circumstances, you can apply to the VERTU Private Assistant Department.
  • After registration, the phone number and device are bound together. Within the service period, you can change the binding phone number once for free.
  • If you need to change the binding phone number twice or more during usage, you will be charged a fee of 500 USD per change.
  • To protect the security of your information account, this service is only available for personal use (based on the name you provided during registration).

Service Period and Membership Level

  • Determined by the total amount of your consumption.

In addition

  • Any changes to the specific content and rules in the service manual will be notified by the Private Assistant. This includes but is not limited to VERTU LIFE, VERTU official website, etc.