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Article: 4 Diamond Smart Watches Review: Which is the Best in 2024?

luxury diamond smartwatches review and buying tips
luxury Watch

4 Diamond Smart Watches Review: Which is the Best in 2024?

The shipment of smart wearable devices will be over 402 million units in 2027!

And we can also find that more and more people wear smart watch in daily life in the past decade.

Thus, it is a normal trend that the smart watch market is becoming increasingly competitive.

Because smart watch's functions are homogeneous, so style and self-expression are new trends. And diamond smart watch is exactly the new gadget that people who pursue quality life like.

But with so many options on the market, which one is best for you? If you are confused, then you must read this review.

In this article:

4 Diamond Smart Watch Review

We choose the 4 popular diamond smart watch from different price ranges and list them to help you find the best one.

Product Tag Heuer
Full Diamonds
White Diamond
Horological Smartwatch
(Silver White, Diamonds)
Gen 6 Camille Pave
Gold-Tone Smartwatch
Price $180,000 $3,700 $690 $425
Materials White Gold FKM Straps
Rose Gold
Sapphire Display
Precious Leather
Stainless Steel
Diamonds 23.35 Carats White Diamond 0.06 Carats Crystal(Not Diamond)
Features GPS
Google WearOS
Companion APP
WEB3.0 Access
Health Monitor
Wireless Upgrade
Swiss Made
Activity Tracking
Sleep Monitor
Text/Mail Alerts
Health Monitor
Voice Assistant
Google Smart Help
Style Classic, Luxury Modern, Luxury Rugged, Luxury Fashionable, Luxury


If you still can't make a choice, then the following 3 common doubts may be helpful to narrow down your range:

  • Which Smart Watch is Most Reliable?

The top 3 most reliable smartwatches you can buy: Lagos, Tag Heuer, Vertu.

But actually, they were reliable smartwatches for different reasons.

  1. Apple is a reliable tech giant. Lagos's diamond smart watch band is designed for the Apple Watch. It means you need to buy an Apple watch to use the Lagos diamond watch straps.

  2. Reputation: Tag Heuer is a famous Swiss luxury watch company that was founded in 1860. So Tag Heuer is very outstanding and reliable.

  3. Information security: Like METAVERTU, MetaWatch could safely access the web3.0 world. We all know information security is important when accessing the web3 world, so the confidentiality of MetaWatch is reliable.

What if you want to buy someone a gift, what should you choose?

  • Which is the Best for Women?

Usually, female users have a higher aesthetic taste. So for women seeking a blend of fashion and functionality, the top 3 diamond watches are Tag Heuer, Lagos, and MK. Their exquisite designs and diamonds will well meet women's high aesthetic needs.

  • Which is the Best for Men?

Male consumers prefer professional-style watches such as business and leisure. Thus, business-oriented Vertu, sporty Damiani, and casual Alpina are the top 3 best diamond smart watches for men.

  • Diamond Smart Watch Alternatives

If you already have a smart watch, like an apple watch, and are addicted to diamonds, then you can buy some diamond smart watch bands to decorate your smartwatch, such as Lagos Smart Caviar Diamond Watch Bracelet($10,000) and Damiani Cover Watch($8,380).

But if you only buy diamond accessories, you might get troubled by daily maintenance, and may even break the warranty.

How to Choose a Diamond Smart Watch?

Investing in a diamond smart watch needs careful consideration. How to choose a diamond watch for yourself, or women and men as a gift? Here's a guide:

  1. Set Budget

Set a budget based on your financial situation. Then select brands that suit your budget and preference.

  1. Consider Features

Check those features and parameters offered by different models. Ensure your priority: fitness tracking, health monitoring, GPS capabilities, and compatibility with smartphones.

  1. Check Customization Options

Some brands offer customization options, so you can personalize the watch. Check what can customized to make a special gift.

  1. Ensure the Size

After completing all the basic research, you can measure the size and place the order. But the sizes of each brand may vary, so you can ask for customer service before ordering to ensure that the diamond smart watch will arrive and fit you perfectly.

Bonus Tip: How to Measure Wrist Size?

To ensure a comfortable fit by measuring wrist size, here's a guide to help you choose the right fit.

  • Use soft tape to measure wrist circumference

  • Check the Size Recommendations. (Or just ask for Customer Service)


  1. Check Packages and Smart Watch

After the delivery arrives, please check the package to ensure it's intact. If all is good, then you can wear the diamond smart watch and enjoy the convenience!

Bonus Tip: How to Care and Maintenance the Diamond Smart Watch?

  1. Cleaning the Diamond Surface:

  • Use a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth to gently wipe the diamond surface. This helps remove fingerprints, dirt, and oils that may accumulate over time.

  • For a more thorough cleaning, mix a solution of warm water and mild dish soap. Dip a soft brush (such as a toothbrush with soft bristles) into the soapy water and gently scrub the diamonds. Rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

  1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

  • Refrain from exposing your diamond smart watch to harsh chemicals, such as bleach, detergents, or cleaning agents. These substances can damage both the diamonds and the materials of the watch.

  • Remove the watch before engaging in activities involving chemicals, including swimming in chlorinated pools.

  1. Store it Properly:

  • Store it in a watch box or pouch to protect it from dust, moisture, and scratches. And keep the watch box in a clean, dry place.

  • Avoid placing the watch near other jewelry or hard surfaces that could potentially scratch the diamonds or the watch casing.

  1. Regular Inspections:

  • Periodically inspect the diamonds for any signs of loose stones. If you notice any movement or abnormalities, have the watch examined and repaired by a professional jeweler.

  • Check the watch band or strap for wear and tear, and replace it if necessary to prevent damage to the watch.

  1. Charge Smartwatch Properly:

  • Follow the guidelines for charging your smartwatch.

  • Use the provided charging cable and adapter to ensure compatibility and safe charging.

  1. Water Resistance:

  • Verify the water resistance rating of your diamond smart watch. While some models are water-resistant, others may not be suitable for immersion.

  • If your watch is water-resistant, ensure that gaskets and seals are intact, and have it professionally tested for water resistance periodically.

  1. Professional Servicing:

  • Schedule regular professional servicing for your diamond smart watch. They will help to check the internal components, cleaning, and lubricating the movement to maintain optimal performance.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the rise of diamond smart watches symbolizes the convergence of technology and time-lasting elegance, allowing people to make bold statements on their wrists.

As this trend continues to captivate luxury enthusiasts, the choice ultimately comes down to personal preferences, style, and the desired level of technological integration.

As you explore the myriad options available, may this guide assist you in making an informed decision, ensuring that your diamond smart watch not only complements your lifestyle but also adds a touch of sophistication to your everyday moments.

Then, just take the next step – get in the allure of a diamond smart watch.

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