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Vertu Global Partnership

VERTU originated from the visionary aspirations of Italian-American phone designer, Frank Nuovo. He envisioned a luxury couture phone that would ignite inspiration in every hand it touched. Bringing his dream to Nokia, Nuovo's vision materialized, giving birth to VERTU in 1998. Within four years, VERTU emerged as the prized jewel within Nokia's crown, a testament to Nuovo's unwavering dedication to crafting elegance in communication.


The letter 'V' symbolizes victory, perfectly reflecting VERTU's dedication to serving high achievers. The V shape embodies life's ebbs and flows, its peaks and valleys. VERTU users embrace these challenges, transforming them into opportunities for triumph. Without steep peaks, summits hold little allure; without tides, the sea lacks vitality; without thorns, the rose's scent loses its intensity. Today, the brand continues its relentless pursuit of new heights.

Elevate your business with VERTU LUXURY PHONES

Become a VERTU Sales Partner and unlock unparalleled growth opportunities for your business while catering to the discerning tastes of high-net-worth clientele seeking a premium lifestyle. Experience a surge in store traffic and heightened exposure as you showcase VERTU's exquisite offerings. Benefit from VERTU's shareable rent model, mitigating risks and optimizing floor space efficiency for enhanced profitability. Join us in shaping a world where luxury meets innovation, one phone at a time.

Key Partnerships

We are seeking distributors and luxury retail partners who can collaborate with us to enhance our brand presence and reach discerning clientele who value sophistication and refinement. We genuinely desire to work with companies and individuals who:

  • Are Authorized Multi-Brand Retailers for Luxury goods.
  • Serve as Luxury brand wholesale distributors
  • Act as Luxury brand e-commerce resellers.
  • Are ambitious and driven to assist us in providing customers with an elite lifestyle through high-end mobile phones and watches.
  • Can demonstrate experience and enthusiasm for gathering and planning high-net-worth and cross-brand marketing initiatives.

By aligning ourselves with distinguished entities that share our commitment to excellence and exclusivity, we can expand our reach and satisfy the regional thirst for luxury phones and watches with an elite lifestyle. These key partnerships serve as the cornerstone of our sales strategy, enabling us to curate immersive experiences and deliver our premium products to esteemed customers worldwide.

Integrated Value Proposition

High-Tech Artistry

Exclusive Networking

Precious Metal Craftsmanship

Elegant Boutiques

premium Social Media Matrix – Guarantee the exposure

Prestigious Endorsements

Concierge Service: Exclusivity Defined

Golden Birkin Special Edition Hunt

NBA Playoffs Proposal Planning

Urgent Medication Procurement & International Shipping

London Birthday Surprise: 50 Flamingos

Ready to Unlock Your Limitless Potential as a VERTU Insider?

Retail and Franchise Partner

Whether you operate an online store, a brick-and-mortar establishment, or a retail channel, focusing on high-end consumer goods or luxury jewelry and watches, seize the opportunity to expand your offerings with access to our range of IoT products and high-end phones.

Wholesale Distributor (Regional)

Join our network of highly skilled business-to-business partners if you have the expertise to introduce our incredible products to local or regional retailers, businesses, or end consumers.

Affiliate Partner

 High profile social influencers are valuable additions to our sales network, standing to gain recognition and financial rewards.

Regional and Country Manager

Support VERTU in assisting local business partners with selecting optimal shop locations and establishing effective sales channels to maximize success.