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VERTU Concierge Service: A revolution in Luxury Mobiles

VERTU Concierge Service: A revolution in Luxury Mobiles

For Generation Z, some of them may not be able to understand the fun brought by push-button mobile phones. In just ten years, the change of mobile phones has changed the era, and those middle-aged and elderly people seem to be forgotten by the era under such a technological wave. As middle-aged and elderly people are generally relatively new to digital technology, there may be a digital divide between them and younger people. They may face barriers in terms of access to information, social communication and service use, and cannot enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet age.



When Nokia Design Chief Frank Nuovo was creating VERTU, he knew two things: he wanted to create a mobile phone that offered a truly human experience. And he wanted to create one accessible for every age, including his 77-year-old father. What if he could design a simple system that would connect VERTU users to an ‘English butler-style’ personal concierge service. The iconic VERTU ruby button was born.


Inspired by the Queen’s Imperial State Crown and Dorothy’s ruby slippers, VERTU users can press a jeweled button and get immediate assistance. The most expensive luxury in the world is time. By hiring a personal assistant to take care of your daily chores, you'll have more time for yourself and spend time with your family.



From booking a flight to finding the perfect birthday gift, VERTU personal assistants have answered thousands of requests in the past 20 years. VERTU’s concierge service is so much more than a mobile phone feature: it opens the door to an elite way of life.
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