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Style Masterclass: What Men Can Learn from the Best-Dressed Stars at the BAFTA Awards 2024

When it comes to big-ticket red carpet events like the BAFTA Awards, Hollywood's leading men don't just bring their A-games to the stage and screen - they also turn out fashion-forward looks that can inspire guys everywhere on how to sharpen their own sense of style. The 2024 BAFTAs on February 25th at London's Royal Festival Hall were no exception, with nominees and presenters serving up plenty of sartorial wisdom along with the evening's big cinematic honors.

From nailing basics like fit and fabric choices to creatively rethinking traditional formalwear, this year's well-dressed BAFTAs contingent schooled viewers on essential lessons for elevating personal taste and individuality through clothing. Let's take a closer look at what discerning gents can learn from these impeccably outfitted stars:

1. A Classic Tuxedo Never Fails When Properly Fitted

Rising leading man Callum Turner (Masters of the Air, Top Gun: Maverick) epitomized dapper elegance in a classic tuxedo from Burberry, custom-cut to his lean frame. While avant-garde styles and relaxed tailoring options have grown trendy in recent years, Turner reminded gents that a simple, well-fitted tux will always convey an elevated, sophisticated sense of suave minimalism.

2. Creative Material Choices Add Depth

While basic black has long reigned supreme on formal red carpets, Himish Patel (Don't Worry, Darling) broke the mold in a rich burgundy velvet suit from Paul Smith. The unexpected luxe texture and jewel tone instantly elevated a conventional suiting separate beyond simple monochrome territory. Creative fabrications like velvet, silk, and jacquard can add depth and visual interest to enrich straightforward tailored looks.

3. Keep Tailoring Soft and Relaxed

Traditionally, formal formalwear like tuxedos has featured rigid, structured cuts. But Cillian Murphy (Oppenheimer, Peaky Blinders) gave a masterclass on how to do "broken suit" tailoring right in his undone, collarless Zegna dinner suit. The soft, unpadded shoulders and gentle drape created a sense of effortless, comfortable elegance for the Irish actor. Even upscale suits can benefit from relaxed, bias-cut construction for a laid-back yet refined look.

4. Embrace Pattern or Bold Color for Day Events

At more casual daytime events and pre-show red carpets, the BAFTA circuit's sharpest gents leaned into eye-catching patterns and splashes of vivid color to make impactful statements. Actor Dominic Sessa stood out in an ultra-long red velvet jacket from Saint Laurent, while rising star Archie Madekwe rocked a geometric patterned Loewe blazer and trousers set. A no-brainer way for guys to get noticed and express personality? Rich shades and bold motifs.

5. Confidently Mix Casual and Dressy Pieces

Leading man Bradley Cooper demonstrated the art of high-low personal style fusion to perfection in an unexpected blend of formal and casual garments from Louis Vuitton. His crisp officer's coat and expertly tailored suit trousers gave nods to conventional tuxedo styling, while patent leather Derbies and a killer steel LV Tambour chronograph on the wrist imparted a modern, streetwise finishing touch.

6. Details Matter, So Sweat the Small Stuff

When pulling together an ensemble for maximum impact, the smallest details can make all the difference between looking good and looking truly great. Horology enthusiasts took notice of Paul Mescal showcasing his final suit with a unique worldtime complication acquisition—a rare vintage Patek Philippe Ref. 5231J. The dazzling rose gold dress watch with celestial motifs perfectly coordinated with his steel grey double-breasted look and communicated his exacting, passionate taste for quality and craftsmanship.

7. Make Bold Accessory Statements

Speaking of accessory game, Andrew Garfield gave guys everywhere inspiration on how to kick basic formal attire up several notches. His classic midnight blue Tom Ford dinner suit was impeccably tailored yet conventional alone. However, the addition of a diamond and emerald choker necklace by Tiffany & Co. valued at over $3 million transformed the former Spider-Man into a true couture runway vision that oozed modern, gender fluid bravado.

8. Re-imagine Traditional Codes in New Ways

While tuxedos and suits tend to dominate major awards show red carpets, actors like Harry Styles and Austin Butler offered trailblazing lessons on how to reinterpret traditional formal wear from fresh creative angles. Styles turned heads in a sequined sailor-inspired jumpsuit from Gucci, while Butler went full 70s retro in a crushed velvet Celine jacket that draped more like a robe than a blazer.

9. Take Inspiration from Cultural History

Sometimes the most sophisticated styles are those with longstanding cultural roots. Daniel Kaluuya's BAFTA ensemble provided a clinic in how to incorporate unique heritage elements into one's look with rakish polish. His Bionica tuxedo drew inspiration from traditional African kemetic designs with intricate embroidery and pyramidic motifs, perfectly melding classic and contemporary codes.

10. Lean Into Retro Nostalgia for Timeless Appeal

Few eras of menswear remain as idolized as the golden age of Hollywood, so it's no wonder that several of the best-dressed BAFTA leading men channeled throwback inspirations from the 1940s-1960s in their formal looks. Brendan Fraser wore a dapper cream linen suit reminiscent of an Errol Flynn costume piece, while Diego Calva paid homage to Mexican cinema's leading men of yesteryear in a superbly cut burgundy shawl collar tuxedo from Celine. Vintage never goes out of style for a reason.

11. Don't Overdo It: Balance is Key

Finally, and most crucially, the BAFTA's sharpest-dressed contingent all demonstrated the importance of maintaining poise and balance when assembling a strong outfit. Colin Farrell managed to pull off one of the night's most memorable entrances in a printed Dolce & Gabbana dinner jacket, yet he smartly grounded the riotous botanical motif with basic black pants and a dress shirt to keep the overall aesthetic equilibrium intact.

According to analysis by fashion psychologists at a leading institution like Cambridge University, key attributes like confidence, attention to detail, and awareness of proper fit and proportion in formal dressing cues help convey impressions of competence, sophistication, and high self-worth. So for men looking to make stronger personal and professional statements through their style choices, the 2024 BAFTA Awards ceremony served up multiple inspiring examples on how to sharpen their eye for minute details that ultimately result in larger impacts.


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