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Hollywood Horology The 11 Best Celebrity Watches

Haute Hollywood Horology: The 11 Best Celebrity Watches at the 2024 Oscars

The Academy Awards represent the pinnacle of Hollywood glamour and cultural cache, an annual evening where the film industry's elite congregate to celebrate cinema's most prestigious achievements over the past year. But beyond the recognitions bestowed upon the big screen's brightest actors, directors, and movies, the Oscars red carpet has long been a world-class showcase for personal style and daring fashion statements.


As the cameras incessantly snap photos capturing every bejeweled gown twirl and tuxedo-clad step, one crucial accessory invariably commands its own spotlight amongst the Hollywood glitterati: wristwatches. For the celebrities who can have anything in the world that money can buy, the timepieces gracing their tanned, toned arms on the crimson walkway often represent the pinnacle of mechanical watchmaking artistry and craftsmanship attainable.


At the 96th Academy Awards on March 12th, 2024, the horology world was out in full force, with A-listers coordinating elite haute horology grails and unique limited editions to accentuate their evening's winning looks. From rare vintage icons to singular bespoke creations, this Oscars saw no shortage of wrist candy commanding its own star power and industry adoration.

metawatch by VERTU

To honor the ceremony's "best of the best" ethos, we've compiled a hand-curated list of the 11 most jaw-droppingly extravagant and exclusive watches to make showstopping red carpet appearances, draping the wrists of Hollywood's most talented and discerning collectors.

Bradley Cooper in a Rose Gold Louis Vuitton Tambour

As an official brand ambassador for the storied French luxury house, it was only fitting that Bradley Cooper wore a ultra-limited Louis Vuitton haute horlogerie creation to the big bash. His one-of-a-kind 40mm rose gold Tambour chronograph, complete with a chic brown sunburst dial, showcased LV's recent committed foray into the upper rarefied tiers of Swiss watchmaking artistry and manufacture. Versatile and wearable yet boasting true horological pedigree, the audacious statement piece seamlessly married Cooper's suave sartorial flair with disruptive luxury dynamism.

Bradley Cooper in a Rose Gold Louis Vuitton Tambour

Matthew McConaughey in a Jacob & Co. Jean Bugatti

Leave it to the always bold and unapologetic Matthew McConaughey to shake up conventional red carpet dress code with one of the most audacious and complex wristwatches on the planet—the Jean Bugatti from avant-garde Jacob & Co. With a multi-dimensional architecture inspired by the iconic early 20th century Bugatti Type 57G Tank, the tonneau-shaped behemoth reimagines the concept of an engine-turned, skeletonized movement encased in black DLC-coated titanium and 18k rose gold. One of just 57 pieces produced at a dizzying $280,000 pricepoint, the extravagant timepiece speaks to McConaughey's memorable, convention-defying personal brand.

Matthew McConaughey in a Jacob & Co. Jean Bugatti

Callum Turner in an IWC Portofino Automatic

Representing the modern face of debonair British elegance, rising leading man Callum Turner brought effortless sophistication to the Oscars red carpet while sporting a restrained and elegant IWC Portofino automatic dress watch. The 40mm stainless steel thin case and clean white dial with black printed Roman numerals radiated chic understatement and frameless, timeless poise that captured Turner's burgeoning silver screen leading man aura perfectly.

Sterling K. Brown in an IWC Portugieser Regulateur Tourbillon

True horology insiders and aficionados were no doubt fawning over Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown's choice of the IWC Portugieser Regulator Tourbillon as his crimson carpet companion. With its distinctive off-center dial layout separating the hours, minutes, and small seconds into different sub-dials above a mesmerizing tourbillon aperture, the $140,000 limited edition unapologetically declares its complicated haute horology bona fides. Yet Brown made the cerebral statement seem effortlessly smooth as part of his suave look.

Ryan Gosling in TAG Heuer Carrera Plasma Diamant d'Avant-Garde

As the face of TAG Heuer, Ryan Gosling lit up the red carpet in the hyper-avant-garde Carrera Plasma Diamant d'Avant-Garde collection. The 36mm 18k white gold case and dial of the limited edition piece were fully encrusted with ethically sourced, lab-grown diamonds totaling over 10 carats, creating a shimmering, laser-cut look that perfectly showcased the artistry of Gosling's portrayal of the iconic Ken doll in Barbie.

Others in the Hollywood Spotlight with Eye-catching Watches

Andrew Garfield in a Grand Seiko 8 Day Monolithic

Andrew Garfield continues his run as one of Hollywood's most unexpected and discerning watch collectors, selecting an ultra-limited traditional Grand Seiko dress piece powered by the all-new 8 Day Monolithic movement constructed from a single bespoke metal alloy.

Andrew Garfield in a Grand Seiko 8 Day Monolithic

Cate Blanchett in a Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 Feuille Watch

Two-time Oscar winner Blanchett ditched conventional diamonds in favor of sheer ultra-haute watchmaking splendor, donning a reinterpreted antique-style Feuille watch powered by the iconic hand-wound Calibre 101 widely considered watchmaking's most prestigious micro-movement.

Harry Styles in a Cartier Prive Tank Asymetrique

Ever the daring sartorial maverick, Harry Styles bucked trends with a one-off skeletonized Cartier Privé Asymmetrique Tank watch that played with geometry and dimensional perception on the wrist through its unique three-dimensional movement display.

Michelle Yeoh in a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster

New Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh commanded respect and poise in a blindingly extravagant rainbow gem-set Rolex Pearlmaster in 18k yellow gold with its classic fluted bezel and Rolex green cabochon crown.

Tom Cruise in a Vintage Navitimer Ref. 8806

Time will never catch up with Tom Cruise, who still has the penchant for stunts and bombast by arriving at 60-years-old in a mint condition circa 1950s Breitling Navitimer 806 - the original pilot's chronograph and a true vintage horology holy grail.

Katherine Langford in a Ferdinand Berthoud FB2

Aussie star Katherine Langford stole the show with her choice of Ferdinand Berthoud's avant-garde FB 2 model, with its imposing 44mm rose gold case design inspired by vintage marine chronometer pocket watches and experimental barrel-suspended fusee and chain construction.


When the red carpet is your global stage, an A-lister's watch choice can often speak even louder than the projects or acceptance speeches being honored. With Oscar audiences continuing to grow across the world, according to a viewership report from ABC, an estimated 100 million watched this year's ceremony worldwide - ensuring each celebrity's wristwear received scrutiny from the horology community's brightest luminaries and most die-hard enthusiasts alike.


By carefully coordinating eye-catching one-of-a-kind timepieces, limited editions, or heritage grail pieces from the industry's most elite and prestigious watchmakers, these top stars harnessed the unique ability that watches have to act as miniature wrist-sized personal branding statements. In an era where luxury watches from the likes of Rolex, Patek Philippe, VERTU, and Audemars Piguet have ascended into the mainstream consciousness, the horological selections highlighted here transcend simple wealth signaling to communicate the wearing wielding rarified taste, discerning connoisseurship, and appreciation for traditional artistry and craftsmanship at the highest levels.


Ultimately, these exclusive and singularly exquisite timepieces helped forever cement their owners' places in the permanent cinematic pantheons—beyond just the singular clips and screenshots from their work immortalized on the silver screen. In the grand watchmaking tradition dating back centuries, these Oscar-worthy watches will eternally live on as enduring historical markers, signaling their owners' dedication to horology just as much as their acting talents and accomplishments. For these stars, time is never just keeping; it's being creatively, and forever told on their wrists.


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