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VERTU's unique British private assistant service is dedicated to providing you with access to an extraordinary world through carefully selected personalised services, easy and convenient contents, and hospitality services.

The First Task, The Journey Starts Here:

On September 1, 2002, VERTU Concierge Service received the first service request from a customer to book a flight from London to New York. This was less than a day before departure, which in 2002, when the internet was not as developed, almost meant missing the flight. The VERTU Concierge Service received the request and urgently deployed resources to get the ticket at the last possible moment. The next day, it was not until the client was shown to the airport lounge to wait for his flight that he was truly convinced of VERTU Concierge Service.

Make Everything Possible, Guard The Eternal Love:

A client from Canada approached the VERTU Concierge Service during a stopover in Paris, saying that his wife had sold her first Birkin platinum bag when she was in financial difficulties, and now that the economy was improving, he wanted to buy the bag for his wife's upcoming 40th birthday, but it had been out of print for five years, and he had to turn to the VERTU Concierge Service. The Concierge Service team quickly contacted global luxury channels, friends, and collectors and finally delivered one of the only remaining out-of-print Birkins in Europe to the client before he left Paris, less than ten hours before he requested it.

Protect Your Health, Your Health Is Our Top Priority:

In July 2005, an Iranian client lost a cancer drug he had been taking. This medicine can only be purchased abroad and brought back, but he has to take it at night, and he is a little tight on time, so he immediately seeks the help of a personal assistant.
In addition to the lack of time, another difficulty facing the personal assistant this time is the high temperature in Iran. At that time, Iran was in the heat of summer, and the temperature did not drop below 37°C for a long time. However, the anticancer drugs taken by customers had to be refrigerated at a temperature of 2°C to 8°C.
Under such harsh conditions, the personal assistant immediately contacted colleagues overseas, purchased the medicine, and delivered it to Iran by special plane. But if there is a request, the mission must be achieved. In the end, we completed the mission within six hours and successfully protected the client's health.
There is nothing more expensive in the world than life and health. VERTU is willing to be the health guardian of its customers and hopes that more people can take responsibility for their own health.

Festival Booking, Don't miss Every Festival with Your Love:

A customer contacted VERTU's concierge service team by phone in the afternoon of Valentine's Day, February 14, hoping to book a Valentine's Day dinner at a Michelin restaurant in Tokyo. Due to the busy work of the client on weekdays, he did not plan in advance. He knew that the chance of booking a Michelin restaurant on Valentine's Day was very slim. He thought of the VERTU's concierge service team when his own attempts failed, so he called for help.

After receiving this urgent request, the concierge service team immediately contacted several well-known Michelin restaurants in Tokyo, including Jean Georges, Mr. and Mrs. Bund, and Phinis, but was unfortunately told that all dinners were fully booked for that day. Can no longer accept new reservations.
In order to fulfil the customer's wish, after unremitting efforts and relying on strong high-end catering resources, Mr. Huang finally booked a Michelin-starred two-star French restaurant in Tokyo, a tribute to L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. The VIP table with the best view on Valentine's Day night.

When the VERTU's concierge service team informed the customer of the good news of the successful booking, the customer was very excited and sincerely thanked the butler team for their great efforts at this urgent time. The customer told me that he had no hope at first and tried to contact me with the mentality of trying. Unexpectedly, the concierge service team perfectly completed the emergency ordering demand beyond expectations. Finally, the client and girlfriend spent a romantic and unforgettable Valentine's night in the restaurant.

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