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Get ready to beat the summer heat in style as luxury mobile phone brand VERTU introduces a new collection that captures the essence of a cool breeze on a scorching day. Inspired by the invigorating spirit of summer, VERTU proudly presents the latest lineup of three exquisite handsets, each adorned in colors that evoke a sense of refreshing tranquility. Step into the world of elegance and innovation with the METAVERTU Collection - your ultimate companion for a chic and cool summer.

1. METAVERTU Sakura Pink Alligator Leather: Embrace the Blossoming Delight

Indulge in the blooming beauty of the METAVERTU Sakura Pink Alligator Leather. Radiating elegance and charm, this handset is crafted with the finest alligator leather in a soft Sakura pink hue. Reminiscent of cherry blossoms in full bloom, it captures the essence of summer romance and delicacy. The Sakura Pink Alligator Leather exudes femininity and grace, making it the perfect accessory for stylish individuals who appreciate timeless allure.


2. METAVERTU Alligator Leather Creamy White: Revel in Tranquility

Bask in the serenity of a sunlit beach with the METAVERTU Alligator Leather in Creamy White. With a captivating allure, this handset boasts an understated charm that stands the test of time. The creamy white alligator leather exudes an air of sophistication, mirroring the tranquility of the sea on a clear summer day. Embrace the beauty of simplicity and elegance with the Creamy White Alligator Leather - an embodiment of timeless luxury.


3. METAVERTU Calf Leather Vienna Green: Embrace Nature's Vibrancy

Venture into the vibrant heart of summer with the METAVERTU Calf Leather Vienna Green. Drawing inspiration from the lush greens of Vienna, this handset is an expression of vitality and exuberance. The vivid green calf leather radiates energy and excitement, mirroring the effervescence of summer adventures. The Vienna Green handset is the perfect statement piece for the spirited and bold, capturing the essence of life's colorful moments.

Summer Luxuries Meet Cutting-Edge Technology

Featuring a sleek and elegant design, METAVERTU embodies the spirit of summer with its sophisticated aesthetics and premium craftsmanship. But it's not just about looks - this Web 3 smartphone is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to elevate your digital interactions.

METAVERTU's Web 3 capabilities offer a decentralized and secure online experience, ensuring your data remains protected and private. Seamlessly connect with others, access decentralized apps, and explore the boundless potential of the blockchain. As the world's first web3 smartphone, METAVERTU has never disappointed anyone.

Availability and Pricing

The METAVERTU Sakura Pink Alligator Leather, METAVERTU Alligator Leather Creamy White, and METAVERTU Calf Leather Vienna Green will be available for purchase, exclusively through VERTU's official website and select authorized retailers. Prices range from $3700 to $9400, depending on customization options.

Embrace the Cool Breeze of Summer Luxury with VERTU

This summer, make a statement with the METAVERTU Collection - where elegance meets innovation, and luxury intertwines with refreshing tranquility. Reserve your very own VERTU masterpiece today and let the cool breeze of luxury accompany you throughout the season.

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