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Supercar-Inspired Elegance: VERTU Launches METAVERTU ' Race Track Design' Series

Supercar-Inspired Elegance: VERTU Launches METAVERTU ' Race Track Design' Series

News Source: Coingape

In the realm of opulence and luxury, the renowned brand VERTU has recently unveiled its latest masterpiece, the METAVERTU " Race Track Design" series. Following the global success of the first-ever WEB3 phone, METAVERTU, in October 2022, VERTU once again astounds the world with this extraordinary collection. The " Race Track Design" series embodies the design philosophy of "Choose the Right Track for a Legendary Journey," skillfully integrating rare leathers and metals to recreate the essence of racetrack engineering and establish itself as the ultimate choice for accomplished individuals.

Drawing inspiration from the collaboration between VERTU and Ferrari in the early 2000s, the METAVERTU " Race Track Design" series reminisces the classic VERTU Ferrari GT phone. Introduced in 2011, the VERTU Ferrari GT celebrated the dynamism and elegance of Ferrari sports cars, with its back panel designed to emulate the latest GT series. Adorned with a fiery red and black dual-tone leather, complemented by sleek black lacquer edges, the meticulous craftsmanship of this phone rivalled that of a Ferrari itself, symbolizing both sophistication and practicality.


Embodying the philosophy of "Choose the Right Track for a Legendary Journey," the METAVERTU " Race Track Design" series represents the identity of successful VERTU users, reflecting their unwavering determination. This collection flawlessly fuses the power and agility of luxury sports cars, resonating with the lifestyle of elite individuals, exuding a sense of strength, speed, and exceptional performance.


The " Race Track Design" series aims to cater to the desires of accomplished individuals, fulfilling their pursuit of luxury and quality. The design and material choices complement the persona of successful individuals, epitomizing elegance and prestige. For these users, a VERTU luxury phone becomes the perfect medium to showcase their taste and status, ideal for both professional and social engagements, epitomizing the distinct charm of its owner.


In this remarkable collection, VERTU presents three luxurious craftsmanship options that embody extraordinary quality. The design ingeniously recreates a sleek, straight, and polished racetrack on the back of the METAVERTU phone, while the exquisite imported Italian alligator leather or top-grain cowhide showcases an inflatable texture achieved through a unique padded embossing technique. The interplay of visual effects and textures on the back panel not only pays homage to real tire design but also signifies embarking on a life journey that leads to unprecedented success.


Notably, VERTU offers a range of luxury choices, including the popular top-grain cowhide, valued for its finely textured and soft feel, reflecting an understated yet elegant appearance with a price tag starts at $4400. For those seeking unique allure, the addition of alligator leather introduces an unmatched charm. Each piece of alligator leather carries a distinctive pattern and texture, thoughtfully crafted into the phone's back cover, offering consumers an unparalleled visual and tactile experience, with a price start at $8000. And for those with a flair for fashion, VERTU presents the alligator leather Paris nail model, integrating the unique texture of alligator skin with classic Parisian nail metal decorations, adding an extra touch of style to the luxury phone


In terms of performance, the METAVERTU " Race Track Design" features cutting-edge hardware, including the annual flagship Snapdragon 8GEN1 and international financial security standard A5 chips, ensuring top-notch processing speed and security. The aerospace-grade graphene phase-change temperature equalization plate ensures efficient heat dissipation during high-performance operations, enhancing durability and stability. Additionally, with 18GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, the phone effortlessly accommodates prolonged usage for work and entertainment.


VERTU, as a pioneer in luxury smartphones, epitomizes innovation and style. The METAVERTU " Race Track Design" series showcases the brand's unwavering commitment to luxury and quality, bringing together state-of-the-art technology, metals, and rare leathers to create a luxury smartphone of supercar standards that radiates the essence of elite individuals.


Selecting the METAVERTU " Race Track Design" phone symbolizes embarking on your life's journey with the spirit of a champion, and exuding the essence of your legendary triumph.


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