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The world's most Costly SmartWatch, VERTU METAWATCH Hamlet  Design

The world's most Costly SmartWatch, VERTU METAWATCH Hamlet Design

Hampshire, England, Oct. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the wake of Huawei's recent release of the Ultimate Design Watch in 18K gold, VERTU takes the luxury tech stage by storm with the launch of a series of opulent smartwatches. Stealing the spotlight is the breathtaking VERTU METAWATCH Hamlet Design, valued at an astounding $499,000, with the added allure of a complimentary private butler helicopter delivery. While VERTU's unveiling came shortly after Huawei's, VERTU unmistakably asserts its dominance in the realm of luxury electronic technology.
Shakespearean Elegance : VERTU METAWATCH Hamlet Design Series
The Hamlet Design stands as the crowning jewel of the unveiled series of luxury smartwatches, epitomizing the pinnacle of VERTU's smartwatch craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from Shakespeare's "Hamlet," this $499,000 masterpiece combines diamonds, gold, and rubies to symbolize the tragedy of Hamlet's losses. Crafted from Grade 5 titanium and rose gold, the watch is meticulously adorned with over 500 diamonds, a Burmese ruby atop the dial, and a sapphire display. Priced at 499,000 USD, this watch transcends opulence, maintaining VERTU's five-year legacy of consistently delivering at this extraordinary price point.
Diverse Luxury: Black Gold, White Gold, and White Diamond METAWATCH
Beyond the Hamlet  Design, VERTU introduces a range of METAWATCH H1 series in black gold, white gold, and white diamond variants. Priced between $2600 and $3400 USD, these watches provide a more affordable yet equally elegant alternative for everyday luxury. The series boasts a 320*386 high-resolution display, High-performance smart chip chips, IP68 rating waterproof, holistic health monitoring, extended battery life, and universal compatibility with Android and iOS. Meticulously designed with Italian Calf Leather, exotic crocodile leather, or high-quality fluoro rubber straps, complemented by a carbon fiber case and a resilient sapphire glass screen.
A Seamless Connection to the Web3 world
At the core of VERTU's METAWATCH lies revolutionary technology. The independently customized chip not only offers intelligent training features but also transforms the watch into a portable digital wallet. Most notably, it is the world's first smartwatch to seamlessly connect to blockchain, becoming a wearable "chain" that bridges the gap to the Web3 world.
In a resounding conclusion, the release of VERTU's METAWATCH series signifies the brand's unwavering commitment to the marriage of luxury and electronic technology. With an unyielding determination, VERTU aims to provide the world with unparalleled luxury electronics, offering unique services and experiences. The announcement leaves us eagerly anticipating more creative surprises from VERTU in the luxury goods sector.

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