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METAVERTU - Redefining AI Phones With One More Brain

METAVERTU - Redefining AI Phones With One More Brain

METAVERTU 2nd Generation

As an innovatively smartphone brand, VERTU introduced the world’s first Web3 phone last year. This year, VERTU has combined Web3 technology with AI technology based on the first generation, making it more intelligent and secure. Through large storage capacity, AI model tagging data, and AI agents handling tasks, METAVERTU2 has been crafted to be an AI phone that can be called “One more Brain".

VERTU One more Brain


Artificial intelligence technology is pushing humanity into an all-around intelligent era. For AI tools represented by ChatGPT which have emerged explosively.

METAVERTU2 announced that it uses Web3.0 blockchain technology as a security cornerstone, with dual AI models running in parallel and the combination of large and small models,achieving a perfect balance between user experience and privacy protection.

METAVERTU integrates the global knowledge base with personal information to create a learned "Second Brain" that is on the same frequency as human thought, able to not only analyze problems from your perspective but also hide thoughts covertly like a biological brain. METAVERTU2 will provide users with truly private and personalized AI experiences to realize the concept of users keeping their AI butler in their pocket from science fiction movies.


In addition to helping with tedious work, METAVERTU2's AI assistant can also help solve life problems, such as planning trips,remembering friends' birthdays and choosing gifts.

In addition, METAVERTU2 customizes the most suitable virtual lover for each person, so open METAVERTU2, everyone can have a soul mate like Samantha in the movie "Her." More over, METAVERTU2 still features a personal assistant button for one-click switching between real people and AI butlers.



In METAVERTU2, VERTU's encrypted system - METASPACE was upgraded again, allowing different fingerprint locks for different systems, separately creating privacy systems to store private information, realizing 1 mobile phone, 3 systems, 4 WeChats, with more thoughtful features such as one-click destruction and timed restoration to achieve personalized and secure mobile experiences.

In addition to the 20+ year-old point-to-point encrypted calls, METAVERTU2's matching point-to-point absolute privacy storage VBOX and distributed encrypted blockchain private key backup technology KEYBOX further ensure that information and assets will not be maliciously modified or stolen, fully resisting hacker attacks, allowing users to enjoy digital life with peace of mind and freedom.



METAVERTU2 not only leads trends in smart technology but also demonstrates exquisite tastes in performance and design. Equipped with the leading Snapdragon 8 Gen2 chip with oversized 4233mm2 synthetic VC further enhances heat dissipation, allowing users to fully enjoy high-load applications and games.

The combination of a 5100mAh ultra-large-capacity battery and 65W ultra-fast charging helps you refuse battery anxiety. In terms of design, METAVERTU2 continues the spirit of Haute Douture from London's Savile Row with imported rare leather materials at the same level as Birkin bags and 316L surgical stainless steel at the same level as Swiss luxury watches.The smartphone is available in four variants, including one carbon fiber and three crocodile leather editions.

Prices range from $5100 for the carbon fiber edition to $8100 for the crocodile leather editions. Users can also choose MTO advanced customization options with various premium leathers, rare metals, and precious gemstones to endlessly layer up and customize their devices, creating luxury definitions.

METAVERTU2 is not only a powerful phone but also a luxurious fashion accessory that shows your taste and uniqueness.


Built upon the foundation of the first generation, METAVERTU2 combines AI technology with decentralized Web3 technologies to make AI phones truly thoughtful with high privacy.

At METAVERTU2's launch event, we see the intellectual expansion, capability upgrades, and emotional accompaniment it brings, pushing the relationship between users and smart devices to new heights and injecting new vitality into the stagnant mobile phone industry. Perhaps soon, everyone will be able to have their own omnipotent butler in the form of an AI phone.



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