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METAVERTU Frameless Calfskin 5G Web3 Phone - Orange

Sale price$3,350.00

Rom & Ram:
METAVERTU Frameless Calfskin 5G Web3 Phone - Orange
METAVERTU Frameless Calfskin 5G Web3 Phone - Orange Sale price$3,350.00


VERTU combines high-end technology with exquisite designs, solidifying its position as the world's premier luxury mobile phone brand.

The World's First Web3 Phone

VERTU proudly introduces METAVERTU, the world's first Web3 phone, spearheading the decentralized revolution. Cutting-edge chip technology, smart terminals, blockchain innovation, and operating systems all converge into a single, extraordinary device.

Dual Chips for Unparalleled Performance

METAVERTU integrates the prestigious A5 encryption chip, once reserved for banking transactions, with the mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 8GEN1, all within one exceptional device.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

VERTU phones are celebrated internationally for their remarkable craftsmanship. The moment you hold one, you'll instantly feel the touch of luxury.


High-End Material Selection

VERTU meticulously incorporates carbon fiber (utilized in aerospace technology), carefully chosen calf leather, lizard skin, and alligator skin, as well as other precious materials, transforming your mobile phone into both a functional masterpiece and a wearable work of art.

A Phone Memory for a Lifetime

Featuring an impressive 18GB RAM, 1TB ROM, and 10T IPFS Storage, METAVERTU can store over 10,000 movies or 2.5 million songs. This ensures the safekeeping of all your life's data, resolving any and all storage concerns.

Dual System One Click Switch

VERTU phones seamlessly integrate both Android and Web 3.0, enabling you to switch between them with just a single tap.

Exclusive Concierge Service

Access 147 exclusive services, spanning catering, accommodations, travel arrangements, restaurant reservations, lodging, car rentals, airline tickets, and more, to experience the ultimate personalized butler-like luxury service.