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Our senses contribute to our understanding of the world, sometimes in an almost unconscious way. We can tell if something is made of ceramic or plastic simply by the difference in temperature we detect through our skin. Likewise, we get a strong sense of a product’s build quality from its rigidity, weight and density. It is these subtle features that differentiate true objects of desire from mainstream products. At Vertu we have always used innovative and rare materials in our products.

VERTU Finest Leather Collection: A Tribute to Harry Potter’s Magical Map

Strong, durable, reliable — leather is a material that lasts and lasts. In the Harry Potter books, the magical Marauder’s Map is made of leather and reveals every secret inch of Hogwarts.

As a tribute to the English boy wizard and his magical accessories, VERTU has created its own Leather Collection. Each phone has a high-quality leather back cover lovingly handcrafted by a British artisan. The look is both classic and fashion-forward. Just like a Marauder’s Map, a VERTU phone can reveal every inch of the world at your fingertips.
And when it is covered in leather like a first-class travelling bag, it is the perfect companion for any adventure."
"In VERTU's design landscape, top-quality leather materials have always been an important part of the puzzle that makes up the extraordinary quality of VERTU phones.
Whether it's common Italian calfskin or rare and expensive alligator or lizard skins, VERTU craftsmen take the utmost care and devote all their efforts from skin acquisition to production."

New High-tech Materials Applied

It is said that on a sunny English afternoon, an apple hit Isaac Newton’s head. From that moment on he was driven to understand the laws of nature. Newton’s discoveries brought logic and reason to a chaotic world. That is why he became known as the ‘Father of Science’.

Today, NASA still uses his clever telescope design. In fact, you could say that many scientific innovations stand on Newton’s shoulders. Such as the invention of carbon fibre in the 1950s. Known as ‘black gold, it was a huge breakthrough in aerospace technology. Such as the invention of carbon fibre in the 1950s. Known as ‘black gold, it was a huge breakthrough in aerospace technology.
Still used in rockets and supercars today, carbon fibre is a very sophisticated material. So naturally, we knew it would be perfect for our phones. Black gold armour creates a phone that is lighter, stronger and more resilient to high temperatures. In other words, a luxury phone fit for a lunar mission. We like to think that Newton would approve.
VERTU has not stopped exploring innovation, and the 2022 launch of the METAVERTU base model adds a carbon fibre (used in aerospace technology) back cover, which is lighter, stronger, and more resistant to heat than metal.
Our materials have been one of our core differentiators from the beginning. These materials come from worlds as varied as Formula One racing, the aerospace industry and luxury watchmaking. The result is a range of products quite unlike anything else – authentic, stimulating and truly extraordinary.
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