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Comparison of VERTU luxury phones: VERTU Signature vs. METAVERTU vs. iVERTU

Comparison of VERTU luxury phones: VERTU Signature vs. METAVERTU vs. iVERTU

Comparison of VERTU luxury phones: VERTU Signature vs. METAVERTU vs. iVERTU

In 2002, VERTU created the world's first luxury mobile phone and continues to redefine the definition of luxury mobile phones. With the emergence of the 5G, VERTU has always adhered to its ingenuity, with the continuous pursuit of design aesthetics and luxurious lifestyle and continues to create unparalleled quality mobile phones for you, presenting an extraordinary lifestyle where seeing is believing to you. In this article, we selected three most popular VERTU phones to compare them. You can choose the most suitable one according to your needs.

VERTU Signature Collection:

Signature is the most classic VERTU luxury mobile phone and it was created for individuals who crave perfection. A model of technological innovation at its 2002 launch, each Signature phone is fashioned by a British craftsman from the best materials. A ceramic listening pillow, sapphire crystal screen, ruby bearings, 6L grade fine steel and precious metals all combine into one elegant artifact. And with its AKG 1.5 mm speakers, mobile ringtones reached a whole new level of crystal clarity. Our customers think of Signature as a work of art, more like fine jewellery than a phone. Who are we to argue?
Nearing 15 years since it’s launch, the Signature V collection is now updated with a new Linux engine platform, broader network capabilities and enhanced wireless connectivity. It takes more than two weeks to produce in a 2000°c furnace. Almost impossible to scratch, it is so hard it must be cut, ground and polished with diamond-tipped tools. Through the ruby key on the side of the Signature V, you can easily enjoy VERTU Concierge service.
Traditional and contemporary, elegant and bold, confident and discreet. VERTU Signature Touch is designed to capture the contrasting qualities of the modern gentleman in 2014. Combining intricate artisan handcrafting with the latest technology, this is British luxury and style at its best. 
VERTU Signature Touch introduces it largest single sapphire screen yet. The 5.2-inch 130-carat Sapphire Crystalis offers full HD LCD display and 1080p ultra high-screen resolution. VERTU Signature Touch is a luxury mobile like no other. The intricate smartphone consists of 261 perfectly balanced parts. Each is fully hand-fashioned by a single British craftsman and comes with a unique artisan signature.

VERTU iVERTU Collection:

iVERTU was launched in 2021. It integrates the most advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform with 5nm architecture technology to bring high and stable performance continuously for you to perform complicated multi-tasking jobs smoothly. This highly integrated SoC also supports both SA/NSA 5G network technology to let you enjoy the rapid and relentless connections.

Luxurious iVERTU 5G comes with 12GB LPDDR5 top-tier memory which empowers you to run complicated apps, large mobile games and edit exquisite photos/videos more efficiently with less power consumption. 512GB UFS 3.1 2-lane flash memory enables you to store everything you need in iVERTU 5G.

The latest hyper-fast 5G technology, dual sim, and dual-band WiFi6 ensure a seamless connectivity experience. Intelligent network selection and adaptive multi-antenna switching technology empower automatic switching between mobile and Wi-Fi networks in weak reception environments. Three-channel network acceleration, cutting-edge PDS antenna let you enjoy a stable and high-speed internet connection.

The luxury mobile phone iVERTU 5G supports 4K HD video recording up to 60fps, optical and digital video stabilization are integrated with both main and Ultra-Wide cameras. It also allows you to record immersive footage with 20.5:9 full screen. Auto AI real-time subtitles generation technology assists you to produce footage more efficiently. You can also capture exceptional videos at your fingertip, enjoy the moments of creation with Vertu’s Intelligent tracking and zooming technology.

Diversified widgets are integrated with VERTU’s completely new LUXURY OS for your convenience. Exclusive V-TALK communication encryption technology enables the fundamental prevention from leakage of texts and calls. Professionally developed double protection technology ensures all the data is secured comprehensively.


The entire mobile phone industry today has been trapped in a situation of lack of innovation. To break through this dilemma, VERTU create Metavertu - the world’s first Web3 phone which is built exclusively for Web3 and blockchain ecosystems. METAVERTU is embedded with a customized CNCOS operating system, which is a "chip-terminal-chain-system-service" that combines a chip, intelligent terminal, blockchain, operating system and high-end services in one phone. And METAVERTU mobile phone is equipped with blockchain infrastructure, which can serve as a perfect starting point for users' digital sovereignty and can truly help users create and realize value. Read A Guide to Metavertu to get more information.

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