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Article: Peerless Innovation: The Pearl in the NOKIA Crown

Peerless Innovation: The Pearl in the NOKIA Crown

Peerless Innovation: The Pearl in the NOKIA Crown

Nokia is a multinational telecommunications company headquartered in Finland, mainly engaged in the development and manufacturing of mobile communications products, including mobile phone products and multimedia, entertainment, and communications networks.



Nokia's history dates back to 1865, when Frederic Edelstein established a wood pulp factory and a rubber factory in the Finnish town of Tampere. In 1871, with the help of his friend, he merged the two factories into one factory and turned it into a corporation. In 2002, VE RTU was officially established as the pearl in Nokia's crown. The phone expressed three core values: beautiful design, aristocratic elegance and connecting people through technology.


In the increasingly fierce industry competition, mobile phone brands have launched a charge to the high-end market, and now in the face of the upcoming market, how to seize the opportunity to achieve further breakthroughs is a problem that every mobile phone manufacturer needs to think about.



VERTU was a pioneering luxury phone, yet it was also so much more than that. By giving users access to a boutique concierge service at the push of a button, it opened a portal to an elite way of living too. VERTU mobile phones are a combination of purely handmade, precious leather and an encryption chip, join us and discover VERTU Life and 147 numbers concierge services.

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