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15 Signs That Your Phone is Tapped and Fixes (100% Work)

Written by: Vivian Shaw



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Can anyone tell me what the shit means when I run a diagnostic to see if my phone is wiretapped? I'm 99% positive it is. The wiretap detection app also tells me it's being recorded. I know how to use the USSD and MMI codes to bring the menu up. Just need it translated... PLEASE HELP

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Phone wiretaps has sparked heated debate recently, some of which may sound reasonable (you know, government surveillance.), while those from criminals are totally unacceptable! And, you should do something to stop or prevent them from the very beginning! Or at least, you should know how to tell if your phone is tapped.

Are You a Victim of Phone Wiretap?

You may think phone hacking is far from your daily life or even completely irrelevant to you. Why? Because most of us are "nobody." But is this really the case? 

Definitely No.

Everyone could be a victim of phone hacking. However, if you are one of the following groups, you need to read this post twice carefully and learn how to tell if your phone is tapped.

  • Legal Case Participants: Individuals involved in lawsuits, criminal investigations, or ongoing legal disputes may be monitored to gather evidence or gain an advantage.

  • Victims of Stalking or Abuse: In domestic violence or stalking situations, a perpetrator might attempt to monitor the victim's phone for their location or communication with others.

  • Journalists and Whistleblowers: Those investigating sensitive topics or exposing wrongdoing might be targeted to suppress information or protect the interests of powerful individuals or organizations.

  • Protesters and activists: Individuals involved in protests or political movements may be monitored to track their activities and communications.

  • Businesses and Corporations: Companies competing in sensitive industries might attempt to tap each other's phones for industrial espionage or to gain an edge in negotiations.

It's important to note that these are just some examples, and the potential targets for phone tapping can be much broader depending on the specific circumstances. The best way to protect yourself from phone tapping is to be aware of the risks, so let's following this by knowing how to tell if your phone is tapped.

15 Signs Warning That Your Phone is Tapped

Though all phone tap happens without knowing it, you absolutely can notice something abnormal as long as you have a closer look. Here are 15 subtle points you can check.

🪫 1. Battery Capacity Diminishes & Drains

Many smartphones including iPhone open an window for checking the battery capacity for easy. However, apart from old phones, it's abnormal for your phone to drain quickly if you did not stream video or play games for long periods of time. You can check the data of battery usage and narrow down if your phone are tapped to perform suspicious activities.

🌡️ 2. Performance Heat

Another sign that your phone is tapped is irregular heat even though it has not been sunbathed or overloaded by applications you commonly used.

📱3. Performance Slow

Poor performance of you phone often means phone is overloaded. But it's important to figure out why. If your phone memory is large enough and you do not open too much Apps at the same time, you may think if a wiretap program is running in background.

📶 4. Increased Data Usage

One of the most obvious signs is that hackers need to send and receive information regularly, so increased data usage would be a great reflection of wiretap. Check the report of cellular data and wireless traffic on your phone and see if you can explain the data consuming.

💻 5. Abnormal Website

Be it intentionally or accidentally, you may enter websites that you regularly visit by hitting on an attached URL. If you find the website dose not look like it should be and is asking you some private information like  password, financial details, crypto private keys, close it in no time. Your phone is very likely tapped by criminals.

📨 6. Strange Messages

You normally may be not surprised by information explosion and data leakage, so most of the time, you would delete spam SMS once receive it. But do you believe it could be a strong sign of phone wiretap? Suspicious messages that contain randomized digits, characters, or symbols could be a result of spyware installation or performance failure.

🔉 7. Unusual Sounds on Calls

A pulsating static, clicking, or beeping could be a sign that your calls are being tapped and recorded by malware. But since it happens frequently, you can first check if it's a result of bad signal or if you charge while answering the phone.

📴 8. Phone Won't Shut Down

It's normal that smartphones need time to deal with unfinished tasks before turning off. However, if it takes too long to shut down, or the backlight stays on even after your phone is powered off, it would be a sign that malware is finishing a wiretap measure on phone like data transfer.

📷 9. Hijacked Cameras & Mics

An orange or green dot at the top of your smartphone screen is a indicator that some applications are using your phone camera or microphone. But this is not a direct answer to how to tell if your phone is tapped because many legitimate factors could also be a reason for this. Anyway, you should pay attention to it since it might mean malware has tapped your phone and is recording.

📍 10. Hijacked Locator

Most phones, including Android phones and iPhones, will display a triangle sign at the top of the screen to tell you that some apps are using the location tracker. In this case, how to tell if your phone is tapped? Confirm if it's from navigation software or shopping software, or your phone might have been tapped and tracked.

📂 11. Unknown Apps & Files

Most phone taps is completed through malware and spyware. So be careful and familiar with the applications installed on your phone, in case any fake software hijacked your phone. You know, this could even happen to software those downloaded from official App store.

📲 12. Active Phone While Not Use

How to tell if your phone is tapped? This is the most easy way. You are not using your phone but it perform some activities automatically. You still get calls or notifications though you muted the phone; The phone itself randomly turn off or reboot though it's not updating the operating system. Watch out! This is could be sign that someone is accessing your device remotely.

⛔ 13. Blocked Messages & Emails

If your emails were not delivered to intended address, or your friends tell you that they never see a read status feedback of SMS texts they've sent to you and you never received one, well, your phone settings might have been tampered with by a hacker.

📞 14. Strange Phone Calls

This is the easiest point to overlook. Not all of you would check the call records unless you want to call someone. However, if you see strange number calling in and out and you are unaware of them, sorry, this might be a record of spyware or remote access.

📠 15. Unknown Call Forwarding

If your phone is tapped, your calls and messages could have been forwarded to another device all the time. Check the call forwarding list by Man-Machine Interface (MMI) codes. If you have never set them by yourself, no doubt, your phone has been hacked. 

3 Solutions When Your Phone is Tapped

After knowing how to tell if your phone is tapped, it's time to take measures to protect your privacy. In addition to using secure messaging apps, employing strong passwords, and keeping your phone software updated, you may also want to try the following solutions.

1.Disable Call Forwarding

What to dial to see if your phone is hacked? Well try these numbers to dial to see if your phone is tapped.

  • For AT&T and T-Mobile users, dial *#61# to list call and data forwarding settings and press ##61# to clear all forwarding.

  • For Verizon and US Cellular users, dial *92 to list call and data forwarding settings and press *93 to clear all forwarding.

You can also disable this directly on your phone settings.

  • For iPhone users, go to iOS Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding > SIM name, and then tap to turn on or off.
    For Android smartphones, go to Phone > Tap the three-dot icon > Settings > Supplementary Services > Call Forwarding (Samsung) or Calls > Call Forwarding (Google).

2. Switch to MetaVERTU II AI Phone

If you don't believe iPhone or giant smartphones like Samsung, Google, or HUAWEI due to their poor performance in privacy protection, you may want to give METAVERTU II a chance. Though this 5G AI phone is designed for WEB3 encryption, it does a magnificent work in privacy protection with advanced V TALK communication encryption technology to prevent the leakage of text messages and call information. And it ensures all content end-to-end SE chip encryption and privacy protection, let alone the burning-after-reading feature and decentralized distributed storage for personal information (This is the most important because it means no single third-party own your privacy).

3. Invest in Good Antivirus Protection

If your phone is hijacked and buy a new one is beyond your budget for protecting your privacy, you can invest some more affordable options like security software or wiretap detection app. However, remember, though much better than having no protection, third-party software is still not 100% safe compared to decentralized distributed storage for personal information.


Conclusion: Regaining Control and Protecting Your Privacy


In a world increasingly reliant on mobile communication, the possibility of phone tapping can feel unsettling and invasive. However, by understanding how to tell if your phone is tapped and their warning signs, implementing practical solutions, and seeking professional guidance if needed, you can take back control and safeguard your privacy. Remember, vigilance is key. By prioritizing your digital security and employing the strategies outlined in this guide, you can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your communications and reclaim the peace of mind that comes with knowing your conversations are yours alone.