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The Vertu IRONFLIP has become a good helper for office work.

In the fast-paced modern life, work seems to have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, from the office building to the coffee shop, to the balcony of the home, the concept of “urban office” more and more deeply rooted in people’s hearts. In this process, an efficient, convenient, both personality and practical office equipment is particularly important. Vertu IRONFLIP folding screen mobile phone, with its unique design and powerful features, is gradually becoming the heart of many people in the workplace, so that the “class flavour” in the fast-paced life back.

I. IRONFLIP: a tribute to the heroic nature of the office tool

Vertu IRONFLIP folding screen mobile phone, inspired by the golden age of male cinema in the 1980s, is not only a technological product, but also a noble tribute to the deep friendship between men. Its “heroic” design concept not only showcases the diverse charms of men, but also signifies the richness and depth of a man’s heart. Every time it is folded and unfolded, it seems to be a fond remembrance of the past years of fighting together, as well as the ease and confidence of future life.

1. Durable and excellent quality

IRONFLIP adopts a diamond water drop hinge design, which is as smooth as ever after the test of twists and turns, and remains tough even when folded up to 650,000 times. This design not only ensures the durability of the phone, but also demonstrates the heroism of men in every opening and closing. At the same time, the solidity and reliability of the metal pivot cover also makes this mobile phone even more outstanding in appearance, and every time it closes, it makes a sound like a bullet being loaded, which shows the manliness.

2. Large-capacity battery, long-lasting life

For those who often need to deal with work outside, the battery life of mobile phones is crucial, IRONFLIP is equipped with a 4310mAh large-capacity battery, standby endurance is more durable, even in the high-intensity work state can also maintain sufficient power. The 65W fast charging function can quickly recharge the mobile phone in a short period of time, ensuring that users can have abundant power support anytime and anywhere.

3. High definition camera, record wonderful moments

IRONFLIP is equipped with a 50MP main camera and 2M wide-angle camera, with AI photo album one-key retouching function, it can easily capture and beautify every wonderful moment in life. Whether it’s a PPT presentation in a work report or a video call when communicating with a client, IRONFLIP can provide a clear and smooth visual experience, making the user’s communication more efficient and professional.

Second, a machine with three systems and two chips, help efficient office work

Another highlight of IRONFLIP is its unique design of one machine, three systems and two chips. This design is just like the double internal force of the Jiuyin Zhenjing, complementing each other to provide users with an unprecedented office experience.

1. Multiple encryption support

In terms of data security, IRONFLIP provides multiple encryption support, allowing users to switch freely between the four WeChat without worrying about the risk of information leakage. This design not only improves work efficiency, but also better protects users’ privacy and security.

2. AI offline mini-model

Even when there is no network, IRONFLIP can provide users with intelligent services through AI offline miniatures. Users can chat about their mind and check information anytime and anywhere without worrying about the interference of network signals. This design makes IRONFLIP a real “smart office” tool.

3. 10T huge space distributed storage

IRONFLIP also provides 10T huge space distributed storage function, which allows users to store data in different locations, further improving the security and privacy of data. At the same time, the MPC digital wallet private key slice storage function is also like the world’s dragon slaying sword to guard the user’s digital assets safe and secure.

Split-screen operation, efficiency like flying

IRONFLIP’s folding screen design not only brings a more shocking visual experience, but also greatly improves the user’s work efficiency through the split-screen operation function.

1. Up and down screen at your disposal

IRONFLIP adopts a 6.9-inch flexible OLED main screen and a delicate Rui table external screen design. Users can freely switch screen modes according to their needs, whether they are working on documents, browsing the web or making video calls. At the same time, the external screen can also be used as a mirror to reflect the hero’s face AFCoating anti-fouling process is like a golden armour to protect the body to make the phone more durable.

2. No need to switch between WeChat transactions

In the split-screen mode of operation, users can handle multiple tasks on one screen at the same time, such as checking emails and replying to WeChat messages at the same time. This design not only saves time but also improves work efficiency so that users can more comfortably deal with various work challenges.

The perfect combination of fashion and personality

IRONFLIP is not only powerful in function, but also outstanding in design. Its unique folding design and exquisite craftsmanship make this mobile phone a perfect combination of fashion and personality.

1. Stylish Appearance

IRONFLIP’s simple yet elegant design makes it the perfect partner for both business and leisure. Its metal body and exquisite craftsmanship make this mobile phone reach the ultimate in feel.

2. Personalisation

Users can also personalise IRONFLIP according to their own preferences and needs, such as choosing different wallpapers and themes. This design not only meets the user’s personalised needs but also makes the phone more in line with modern aesthetic standards.


In summary, Vertu IRONFLIP folding screen mobile phone has become an indispensable office helper for modern working people with its rugged quality, efficient and convenient office functions, fashionable and personalised design and strong data security protection. It not only makes the “class taste” in the busy working life back to find, but also with a unique charm to lead the new trend of technology and fashion.