1. The VERTU phone has a twelve-month warranty. If it breaks down (non-human damage) during that period from the date of receipt, VERTU offers maintenance free of charge.

2. It takes three months for maintenance in general. Any event or circumstance beyond control shall be regarded as Force Majeure, including but not restricted to logistical difficulties. The main process of equipment repairing includes the returning of the product, testing, quotation (if any), maintenance, and delivery.

3. For all maintenance or replacement, the faulty product shall be sent back and tested first, which shall be repaired or replaced when failures are confirmed. After the maintenance, the product shall be sent out. If the customer requires a spare phone, please inform the after-sales personnel and apply in advance.

4. Water damage, cracked screen, and fuselage deformation, etc. are not included in the warranty coverage. Chargers, earphones and other accessories are guaranteed for half a year. Destroying the anti-demolition label on the phone or the repairing label shall be regarded as unauthorized dismantling. Such products are not covered by this warranty.

5. Before sending back the faulty phone to the service center, please back up the data saved in the device, including the phone numbers, photos, and songs. Maintenance might result in the loss of data. and VERTU assumes no liability or responsibility for such event.

6. For after-sales maintenance, the faulty product, the warranty card, and the invoice are needed. SIM cards, SD cards, and other parts are not required when sending back the phone.

7. If the phone shell is seriously bumped and scratched, it is necessary to note on the maintenance forms, so as to avoid disputes for such damages might be attributed to the maintenance process

8. When filling in the maintenance forms, the customer shall leave the name, phone number, address, and other information accurately to ensure the timely contact during the maintenance. Please fill in the return and exchange requirements and the purchase date accurately.

9. Do not restore factory settings for all return tests involving functional faults, including the stalling, burning, and crash of the phone. Otherwise, the fault diagnosis might be affected.

10. There is a charge for all leather handling.

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