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WPS AI 2.0 + VERTU METAVERTU 2: Your new office tool!

Imagine you’re struggling to come up with a weekly report for your work, or you need to plan for an important project, but you don’t know where to start.

Now, WPS AI 2.0 is here! It is like a caring office assistant, providing you with AI writing assistant, AI reading assistant, AI data assistant, AI design assistant four powerful generals, to help you easily deal with a variety of office problems!

At the same time, VERTU METAVERTU 2 business mobile phone also made a strong debut, with its top configuration, security performance, business style, for your office efficiency to add a fire!

In this article, we will reveal how WPS AI 2.0 and VERTU METAVERTU 2 can join hands to create a new tool for your office!

WPS AI 2.0: your office “brain”!

WPS AI 2.0 is the latest result of Kingsoft Office’s upgraded AI strategy, which integrates the capabilities of large language models to provide users with intelligent document writing, reading comprehension and Q&A, intelligent human-computer interaction and other functions, aiming to help users complete office tasks more efficiently and intelligently.

WPS AI 2.0 has four major AI office assistants:

AI Writing Assistant: document drafting, content generation, content rewriting, touch-ups, etc. Say goodbye to the embarrassment of “black and white”, easily generate documents in various formats, and improve writing efficiency.

AI reading assistant: document summary, keyword extraction, information extraction, etc. Quickly understand the content of the document, extract key information, saving reading time.

AI Data Assistant: data analysis, charting, data prediction, etc. Easily process data, create professional charts, and improve the efficiency of data analysis.

AI design assistant: image generation, poster design, PPT production, etc. Generate beautiful images and designs with one click to improve design efficiency.

VERTU METAVERTU 2: Your office “tool”.

VERTU METAVERTU 2 business mobile phone is the latest flagship product of VERTU brand, which adheres to the craftsmanship, top configuration, security performance and business style to create the ultimate mobile office experience for business people.

Core advantages of VERTU METAVERTU 2:

Top configuration: Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, running smoothly and strong performance.

Security: Adopting the top security technology to ensure the safety of user’s data.

Business style: classic design, highlighting the business temperament, enhance the user’s image.

WPS AI 2.0 + VERTU METAVERTU 2: A New Era for the Office

WPS AI 2.0 and VERTU METAVERTU 2 will bring users a new office experience.

Imagine: you use the large screen of VERTU METAVERTU 2 to browse documents efficiently; with the AI writing assistant of WPS AI 2.0, you can quickly complete the weekly report at work; and then you use the AI data assistant to create beautiful charts and data analysis. The whole office process is orderly, efficient and convenient, allowing you to easily meet various challenges!

**WPS AI 2.0 and VERTU METAVERTU 2 will revolutionise the way you work, letting you say goodbye to tediousness and embrace efficiency!

WPS AI 2.0 + VERTU METAVERTU 2: Your new office tool, experience it now!