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WPS AI 2.0 partners with VERTU IRONFILP to create a new experience for the office of the future

Are you still racking your brain for writing copy? Do you still have a headache for organising data? Are you still worried about designing PPT? Now, WPS AI 2.0 is here! It will completely overturn your traditional office way, let you experience unprecedented office efficiency!

WPS AI 2.0: the “nuclear weapon” of office efficiency.

On 5 July, at the 2024 World Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Kingsoft Office officially released WPS AI 2.0, an AI office assistant based on a large language model that will bring users a new intelligent office experience.

The biggest highlight of WPS AI 2.0 is that it adds four new AI office assistants:

AI Writing Assistant: Say goodbye to the exhaustion of ideas, a key to generate high-quality copy, whether it is a weekly report, article outline, planning programme, or official documents, notices, certificates, WPS AI Writing Assistant can help you easily.

AI reading assistant: quickly extract the essence of the article, automatically generate a summary, so you quickly understand the core content of the article, saving a lot of reading time.

AI Data Assistant: Say goodbye to the cumbersome table operation, a key to organise data, analyse charts, so that data processing has become more convenient and efficient.

AI Design Assistant: Get rid of the trouble of designing for novices, and generate beautiful PPT with one click, so that you can easily create professional and beautiful presentations.

WPS AI 2.0 not only brings a new office experience for individual users, but also introduces a self-developed model for government affairs – Kingsoft Government Office Model 1.0, which is designed to improve the efficiency of government offices and help the government’s digital transformation.

VERTU IRONFILP: The “New Benchmark” for Business Mobile Phones

VERTU IRONFILP, as a business mobile phone, is similar to WPS AI 2.0 in its design concept and function design.

VERTU IRONFILP has the following advantages:

Ultimate security: Adopting the top encryption technology to protect users’ privacy and security, making business communication more secure.

Excellent performance: Equipped with a high-performance processor to ensure smooth operation of the mobile phone, easy to cope with a variety of business needs.

Elegant design: Made of luxury materials, the phone displays a refined and elegant business style, demonstrating the user’s unique taste.

Intelligent experience: Built-in AI assistant provides intelligent voice assistant, intelligent translation and other functions to improve business efficiency.

The perfect combination of WPS AI 2.0 and VERTU IRONFILP will create a new business office experience for users.

The release of WPS AI 2.0 marks the official entry of the office software field into the AI era. As a high-end business mobile phone, VERTU IRONFILP provides users with a smarter, safer and more efficient business communication experience. It is believed that in the future, the strong combination of WPS AI 2.0 and VERTU IRONFILP will bring users a more convenient, efficient and intelligent office experience, and help them achieve greater success in work and life!