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Facing the Challenge of AI Value Alignment: The Innovative Leadership of VERTU METAVERTU II

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology changing rapidly, how to ensure that the development of AI is consistent with human values, i.e., “value alignment”, has become a focus of attention for the global technology community and all sectors of society. With the rise of Large Language Models (LLM) such as ChatGPT, AI has both potential and risk, and its application scenarios are becoming increasingly broad, from simple text generation to complex decision support, AI is gradually penetrating into all corners of human life. In this context, VERTU METAVERTU II, the world’s first dual-model AI mobile phone, provides new ideas for the exploration of AI value alignment with its unique innovative concepts and forward-looking technology applications.

The Challenge of AI Value Alignment

The concept of “value alignment” aims to align the “values” of AI with those of human beings to ensure that AI behaviours do not cause harm to humans and society. However, achieving this goal is not an easy task. First of all, the diversified cultural backgrounds and value systems around the world make it difficult to unify the standard of value alignment. From the concept of life and death to the perception of beauty and ugliness, there are significant differences between different cultures and communities, which increases the difficulty of value alignment. Secondly, with the continuous development of AI technology, its operating logic has become increasingly complex, and it is difficult for human beings to fully understand its decision-making process, which poses a technical challenge for value alignment. In addition, the high cost of retraining AI systems and potential trust and supervision issues also limit the advancement of value alignment.

Innovation Leadership with VERTU METAVERTU II

It is against this backdrop that the VERTU METAVERTU II sets a new benchmark for the global AI mobile phone market with its unique blend of dual-model AI technology and Web3 blockchain technology. This mobile phone not only demonstrates VERTU’s foresight and innovation in the development of AI technology, but also provides a practical case for the exploration of AI value alignment.

Dual-model AI: Perfect combination of intelligence and personalisation

VERTU METAVERTU II introduces dual-model AI, i.e. AI Agents, which are intelligent programmes with autonomous decision-making and execution capabilities. these AI Agents simulate and play human roles on the basis of the blockchain to provide solutions that best suit the user’s needs. Through the knowledge base of the large model and the autonomous learning capability of the small model, METAVERTU II is able to develop personalised processing methods based on the user’s habits and behaviours. For example, in terms of investment and finance, the AI Agent is able to provide investment advice that meets the user’s risk preferences; in terms of language learning, it can adjust the content and frequency of dialogue according to the user’s personality and learning habits, providing a personalised learning experience.

Web3 Blockchain: Guarantee of Security and Trustworthiness

METAVERTU II uses Web3 blockchain as the technological cornerstone, providing users with a more secure and decentralised way of storing and interacting with data, and Web3’s private-chain privacy and public-chain notarisation features enable AI to fight against erroneous content and build a trustworthy digital society with its impartiality. At the same time, METAVERTU II uses end-to-end encrypted communication to ensure the security and privacy of user information. the AI model also monitors and analyses potential security threats in real time to improve the security of the Web3 system and effectively protect user assets and privacy.

Expanding the digital society: breaking down information silos

METAVERTU II’s AI Agent breaks down the “information silos” between different blockchains and optimises the cross-chain experience for users. By simulating a human character, the AI Agent can provide cross-chain solutions to help users switch between different blockchains freely, expanding the boundaries of the digital society. This innovation not only improves user experience, but also lays a solid foundation for the future development of digital society.

To sum up, VERTU METAVERTU II, as the world’s first dual-model AI mobile phone, shows unique innovation and foresight in the exploration of AI value alignment.