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British PM Dons Samba? Adidas Bottoms Out!

The continued popularity of the Samba and the introduction of the "You Got This" slogan, which represents a more relaxed attitude, reflect a key shift in global values that adidas has identified an...

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vintage woman

A Case Study in Vintage Fashion History

This article will review the history of vintage fashion and introduce some of the leading vintage fashion designers.

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Stanford Presents the Most Recent Advances in AI

The 393-page AI Index 2024 report, published by the Stanford HAI Institute, provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in AI, including technological advances, public perceptions,...

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Is Dior a Drag on LVMH? LVMH Fashion Grew Only 2%

LVMH mitigated market risk by diversifying its consumer base and product offerings across different price points and styles. This strategy helps to minimise the company's exposure to any single con...

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Fashion Weekly Review: Hermes has the potential to overtake LV, Nike plans to invest more in the Olympics than in prior years

Fashion Weekly Review: Saint Laurent Productions films selected for Cannes International Film Festival 2024, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art will use AI and other digital technologies in this...

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gothic girl

Gothic Fashion History Case Study

While this British punk movement is associated with the colour black, there are other factors that influence the choice of this style. To understand the roots of gothic fashion, it is first necessa...

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slow life

What’s ‘Morning Slow’?

The concept of Morning Slow is aligned with the pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle. It encourages individuals to embrace the early morning hours as a time for self-reflection and personal gr...

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This Spring, Cowgirls Are Really Busy

Denim is a versatile material that has been a key trend in fashion for decades. Its unique look and versatility make it a popular choice for both casual and formal wear. Why not to consider refresh...

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Could Hermes Surpass LV in Just Three Years?

Luxury brands' core customer segments are particularly important in a downturn, HermĂšs is less susceptible to industry downturns due to its high net worth customers and unique business model driven...

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Acquisitions in the Fashion Business are Increasing

In the current economic climate, there is an opportunity for those with the resources to seize it. As the global macro environment and the fashion retail industry continue to falter, megacorps and ...

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Recommendation for the New French Michelin List

The 2024 edition of the Michelin Guide France has been launched in the central French city of Tours, with 62 new Michelin-starred restaurants among the top of the world's gastronomic scene.

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Cashmere Was Inappropriate For Spring And Summer?

Cashmere is a classic investment piece that can be worn all year round. It is also a chic item that is worth considering for your wardrobe.

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