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Vertu and Its Elite Invasion of the Vietnamese Market

On the evening of June 5, 2024, at the Caravelle Saigon Hotel, Vertu Vietnam held an event to inaugurate its second flagship store in Ho Chi Minh City and launch the new METAVERTU 2 masterpiece. This event was not only a significant milestone for Vertu in Vietnam but also an opportunity for the brand to reaffirm its development strategy in the ultra-luxury phone market.To explore more about Vertu’s new flagship store and the latest METAVERTU 2, visit our online store.

Vertu Brand and Its Journey in Vietnam

After nearly two years since returning to the Vietnamese market, Vertu has made several strategic moves, from partnering with Di Động Việt, the official distributor, to expanding its sales and service network. The recent event not only marked the launch of the METAVERTU 2 product but also the announcement of two new brand ambassadors, CEO Trần Việt Bảo Hoàng and Miss Xuân Hạnh, reaffirming the brand’s long-term commitment to the Vietnamese market.

Brand Ambassadors: A Strategic Move

For the first time, Vertu Vietnam has announced brand ambassadors, demonstrating a serious and meticulous approach to building its image in the Vietnamese market. The ambassadors not only need to have significant social influence but also must align with Vertu’s high-end and elite image.
Having brand ambassadors helps Vertu not only to promote its products but also to create a closer connection with consumers. This is an important strategy that helps Vertu reach and expand its customer base. With a clear development strategy, close collaboration with reputable partners, and careful selection of brand ambassadors, Vertu Authentic Vietnam is gradually establishing its position in the luxury phone market for the elite.