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VERTU Dental Recognition Smart Electric Toothbrush

Sale price$370.00

Color:Blue Set
VERTU Dental Recognition Smart Electric Toothbrush
VERTU Dental Recognition Smart Electric Toothbrush Sale price$370.00
iVERTU E.I. Electric Toothbrush
E.I  is  the  new  luxury

Two British style colors

Introverted elegance, stunning colors
Designed in royal blue and Dover white Minimalist colors set the tone for style Matte sanding brings silky gloss

Modern Monogram

Introverted gorgeousness texture in your palm
Appearance supported by 3D printing stacking technology and nano-coating
VERTU classic monogram blooms above
Three-dimensional pattern makes a tactile impression on your fingertips

Antibacterial Brush Head

99.99% Antibacterial Rate
inhibit bacteria

Intelligent Sensor
Sterilization Box

UV sterilization
Internal air drying
Strong cycle of sterilization
clean even when not in use
Individual wall-mounted design
maintaining a convenient and
germ-free environment

Ai9 Dental Surface Recognition

Intelligent recognition to detect tooth
surface,track and remind not to
miss every tooth
Precise positioning
of 3D tooth surface
Intelligent detection
of 16 zones
Full cleaning
of every tooth

Upgraded Cleaning Power

Signature motor, more power
for deeper cleaning
14mm micro motor

100g scientific constant power
Powerful, quiet and stable
18 layers of rare-earth
precious metal magnets

precise kinetic energy
to the bristles
Deeper plaque cleaning

NFC Smart Matching Chip

The sensor chip connects to
the brush head and
automatically matches
the cleaning mode
Specialized brush head for
different teeth conditions
Replacing the chip to adjust the
brushing mode intelligently

Digital Toothbrush

The more you brush the more it knows
Forming a good habit of scientific brushing
Pressure reminder
automatic pressure
Exclusive small
program records
real-time data

Large screen display

Brushing butler, real-time online
Real-time display of
brushing status
Getting results at
a glance

300 days of ultra-long
battery life

A must for leisure life

3 seconds of delayed vibration

Intelligent recognition of
pressure before three seconds
says goodbye to foam

IPX7 high-precision waterproof

Double waterproof design
no afraid of flushing


Product Name

iVertu Toothbrush

Product Model


Working Modes

(Massage, Gingival Plaque, Smoke Stain)



Operating Voltage


Charging Time



1200min(Sensitive Mode)

Waterproof Rating


Battery Specifications