Bring Web3 to Daily Life


DOS (Decentralized Operating System) elevates Web3 user experience with:

- METAVERTU: Your Ultra-Secure Crypto Mobile Phone, shielding your assets.

- Unhackable SE: Empowered by hardware SE chip for advanced security.

- Keybox: Secures local private keys within a physical SE chip, isolated from Android.

- METASPACE: Manages Web3 apps in a private OS with dual system switching, camouflage, data destruction, and end-to-end encryption.

- I-DID: Simplifies Web3 access by linking DID to your mobile IMEI.

- MPC Wallet: Liberates from mnemonic phrases, with Keybox integration and an interactive floating feature.

bring developers to HNW users via hardware ZK 


- Hardware ZK: Streamlines blockchain integration via embedded hardware ZK on smartphones, enhancing decentralization and TPS with SE for ZKP verification."

- TOP Oracle Protocol: Ensures data authenticity and trustworthiness in data flows, facilitating seamless on-chain integration of personal data on mobile platforms. API support for L1 and L2 solutions included."
"I-DID Protocol: Links a unique Web3 app ID to IMEI numbers, securing connections with VERTU users and preventing The Sybil Attack."

- DAO for Dapp Store: METAVERTU's Dapp store allows secure and effortless project showcasing and direct connections with our HNW customer base.

From PC to Personal Agent


DLM (Distributed Language Model) optimizes mobile phone storage allocation for greater efficiency.

- DAA: We believe in providing everyone with their own mobile language model. METAVERTU includes DAA (Decentralized AI Agent) for each user, powered by a trained LLM and decentralized blockchain storage. DAA's customization and memory-sharing foster emotional connections, ensuring more considerate services.

- IQ+EQ Agents: Task Assistance and Emotional Companionship

- Hybrid AI Bulter Service: It seamless integration of AI and human expertise for HNW users.

Accessible API for developers


- Web3 Integration Empowerment: Empower developers to integrate the capability into their Web3 applications, thereby expanding their service offerings.

- Decentralized Distributed Storage with VBOX: Developers can securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively offer storage services to high-value users through VBOX.