Caring for Your METAVERTU: Maintenance Tips

When the precious materials are used in the body, METAVERTU in the appearance of more in line with your taste and status, but also needs a little more attention and care, so that METAVERTU can better accompany you around.

Fine Leather

Commonly used in several leathers for METAVERTU bodies:

- Calfskin leather is thicker, more wear-resistant and less likely to be scratched or deformed in daily use;

- Crocodile leather is hard, as a special leather is relatively durable, use need to pay attention to keep dry;

- Lizard skin has scales on the surface and the leather is thin, improper use will cause the scales to turn up or fall off, and it is difficult to restore the original state, so it is necessary to avoid strong friction and sunshine and rain.

Gemstones & Precious Metals

METAVERTU's opulence is often enhanced by luxurious materials such as diamonds, gold and rose gold.

- The gemstone type of material is hard, but still need to avoid collision, so as not to cause the diamond to loosen or fall off due to violent impact;

- Precious metal materials such as gold and platinum have low hardness and are prone to deformation or abrasion under collision. Perfumes, non-specialized cleaning agents, etc. are also prone to discoloration or corrosion of precious metals, so friction, bumping, and exposure to chemicals should be avoided when using METAVERTU.