Fine Watchmaking

The VERTU WATCH H1 smartwatch is a wrist wear that combines both luxury and smart attributes.

For HNWIs, traditional premium watches are more tasteful but lack modern features, while smart bracelets have more practical functions but lack texture and design in appearance. If you are looking to buy a watch that is equally impressive in terms of value and strength in the near future, the VERTU WATCH H1 smartwatch might be a good choice.

The Shape of Fine Watchmaking

Designed to be a smartwatch both inside and out, the VERTU WATCH H1 has a premium watch look that is more in tune with high net worth individuals.

The basic model adopts the traditional forging technology of the Swiss watch industry that has lasted for a hundred years, and the case is hand-forged with sturdy 316L steel, which is made through more than a thousand procedures to continue the extraordinary texture of high-end watches; the case of the high-end model is made of carbon fiber, which is known as "black gold", and the use of paper-thin carbon fiber layering technology, which is strong and reliable and breaks through the durability limit. The case of the High Definition model is made of carbon fiber, known as "black gold".

Moreover, the VERTU WATCH H1 continues to use the same sapphire crystal, exclusive customized components, and personalized watch accessories such as interchangeable customized Viton straps and imported leather hand-stitched straps as those used in fine watches.

Smart Wear Experience

Underneath the classic shape, VERTU WATCH H1 embeds a high-performance customized chip for an intelligent wearable experience.

In daily life, VERTU WATCH H1 can complete 24-hour multi-dimensional monitoring of heart rate/blood oxygen/sleep module, guarding your health at any time; meanwhile, the professional sports module selects 21 indoor and outdoor commonly used sports modes, and can record all-day data to help you understand the daily sports; when you are busy, the unique reminder module can also be used to remind you of everything through the intelligent and personalized reminder function. When you are busy, the unique reminder module can also help you to take care of your life through intelligent and personalized reminders.

The VERTU WATCH H1 smartwatch's one-watch all-in-one approach decodes more possibilities for your life.