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SIGNATURE is an example of superior craftsmanship and a "signature" of VERTU's luxury attributes. From the SIGNATURE to the current SIGNATURE V, this luxury phone is still made only for the few who seek perfection.

SIGNATURE Cobra Limited Edition

The most recognizable member of the SIGNATURE family is, without a doubt, the SIGNATURE Cobra.

The SIGNATURE Cobra is a limited edition of only 8 models worldwide, launched by VERTU in collaboration with the French royal jewelry brand Boucheron, based on the SIGNATURE model and incorporating Boucheron's exquisite gemstone cutting and setting techniques.

The cobra, a classic totem from ancient Egyptian culture, climbs luxuriously onto the body of the SIGNATURE. Set with 439 rubies, the snake's body is staggered with a 2.02 ct pear-shaped diamond at its head, a 1.02 ct round diamond surrounding the snake's body like a guardian, and two emeralds set in the snake's eyes to emphasize its luxury and beauty.