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VERTU METAVERTU 2: Making the tears of “The Kinship in Silent Killings” clearer

In the work “Silent Killing”, we witnessed the power of affection, those silent love, those perseverance on the edge of life and death, all touching our hearts.VERTU METAVERTU 2, with its cinema-grade viewing experience, makes the expression of these emotions more vivid and deeper.

Immersive cinema viewing, feel the depth of family love

The screen of VERTU METAVERTU 2 adopts the latest display technology with vibrant colours and high contrast ratio, which can perfectly reproduce every delicate expression and emotional change in “Kindred Spirits in Silent Killings”. Whether it’s a cosy family scene or a moment of parting in life and death, VERTU METAVERTU 2 lets you feel the true feelings of the characters.

Stunning sound quality for emotional resonance

In addition to visual enjoyment, VERTU METAVERTU 2 is also equipped with a high-quality sound system that delivers clearly to your ears, whether it’s a low background music or a character’s soft voice. In Kindred Spirits in Silent Killings, these sounds become a vehicle for emotion, allowing you to become more engaged during your viewing.

Personalised settings to customise your viewing experience

VERTU METAVERTU 2 offers a wealth of personalisation options, allowing you to adjust the screen brightness, sound effects and more to create a viewing environment that is uniquely yours. These personalised settings allow you to focus more on the emotional expression of the film when you watch “A Kindred Spirit in Silent Killings”.

Share the emotion and let more people feel the power of love.

VERTU METAVERTU 2’s social sharing feature makes it easy to share touching moments from your film viewing on social media. Whether it’s a touching screenshot or an insightful film review, more people can feel the emotional power conveyed by A Kindred Spirit in Silent Killing.

Silent Killing is a thought-provoking work that makes us re-examine the meaning of kinship. And VERTU METAVERTU 2, with its cinema-quality viewing experience, makes the transmission of this emotion more direct and powerful. Let’s join together, through VERTU METAVERTU 2, to feel the power of family love and share the touching moments.