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VERTU IRONFLIP folding screen: what makes it sell for a sky-high price?8 reasons to tell you!

VERTU IRONFLIP folding screen, as a high-end folding screen mobile phone, the price is ridiculous, but still attracts countless technology enthusiasts and high-end users. What exactly makes it so special? Why can it sell for such a high price? Today we will reveal the 8 selling points of the VERTU IRONFLIP folding screen, and see what makes it conquer the market!

1. Extreme Craftsmanship: Fine Craftsmanship, Demonstrating Luxury

VERTU IRONFLIP folding screen is made of top quality materials and craftsmanship, and every detail is carefully designed and polished. The body is made of aerospace-grade titanium alloy, which is sturdy and durable, and is specially polished to give it a unique lustre. The screen is made of top-grade AMOLED material, with vibrant colours, high contrast and detailed images. What’s more, the VERTU IRONFLIP folding screen also adopts the exclusive folding screen technology, which ensures that the screen can remain smooth and crease-free even in the folded state.

2. Top configuration: strong performance, first-class experience

The VERTU IRONFLIP foldable screen is equipped with the current top hardware configuration, including Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage space. Strong enough to cope with any high-load applications and games, bringing users a smooth operating experience.

3. Customisation service: Exclusive customisation to meet individual needs

VERTU has always been known for providing customisation services, and the VERTU IRONFLIP folding screen is no exception. Users can choose different materials, colours, patterns, etc. to create a unique phone. In addition, VERTU also provides exclusive after-sales service to ensure that users can receive the most professional support in the process of use.

4. Security: Top-notch security, guarding privacy

VERTU IRONFLIP folding screen has built-in a number of security features, such as fingerprint identification, facial recognition, security chip, etc., to effectively protect the user’s information security. What’s more, VERTU also provides exclusive confidentiality services to ensure the security of users’ calls and data.

5. High-end brand: 100 years of heritage, quality assurance

VERTU has a hundred years of history, has been committed to building high-end mobile phone brand, its products are known for exquisite craftsmanship, excellent performance and luxury design. VERTU IRONFLIP folding screen continues the VERTU brand philosophy, to provide users with the most extreme mobile phone experience.

6. Exclusive Features: Innovative Technology, Upgraded Experience

VERTU IRONFLIP folding screen has many exclusive features, such as the world’s first “dual-screen interaction” function, which allows users to operate on two screens at the same time to enhance work efficiency; and the “AI intelligent assistant” function, which provides personalised services according to the user’s needs. There is also the “AI intelligent assistant” function, which can provide personalised services according to the user’s needs.

7. Scarcity: limited edition, collector’s value

VERTU IRONFLIP folding screen adopts the strategy of limited edition, its degree of rarity and collector’s value is self-evident.

8. Identity symbol: Honouring your identity and showing your taste

Owning a VERTU IRONFLIP foldable screen is not only owning a high-end mobile phone, but also a kind of status symbol, demonstrating the user’s extraordinary taste and pursuit of quality life.

VERTU IRONFLIP folding screen of the eight selling points, together constitute the bottom of its high price. Although the price is high, the ultimate experience, exclusive customisation, security and status symbols it offers are enough to make it the first choice for high-end users and technology enthusiasts.

VERTU IRONFLIP folding screen is not only a mobile phone, but also a lifestyle.