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UEFA EURO 2024 decisive moments, VERTU METAVERTU II takes you to experience the glory and passion in an immersive way!

I. Winning Moments: A Legend of Glory and Tears
Euro 2024, the quadrennial football feast, has once again ignited the passion of fans around the world. From the fierce competition in the group stage to the life and death match in the knockout stage, every game is full of drama and excitement. And those decisive moments that determine the direction of the game are unforgettable.

VERTU METAVERTU II: Cinema-level immersive viewing experience
In addition to the exciting matches, a great viewing experience is also needed to watch the UEFA European Cup. VERTU METAVERTU II, a smartphone that combines luxury and technology, will bring you into a cinema-level immersive viewing experience, allowing you to enjoy the passion and emotion brought about by football.

  1. Large screen, immersive visual experience
    VERTU METAVERTU II is equipped with a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen, the large screen size brings more shocking visual effects, so you feel like being in the centre of the stadium, feel the tension of the game.
  2. High Refresh Rate, Smooth Match Watching Experience
    The high refresh rate of 120Hz makes the screen smoother and the details clearer, so you don’t miss any exciting moments. Whether it’s a player’s quick run, precise pass or a brilliant goal, it can be presented in the clearest and smoothest picture.
  3. Top sound effects, stunning auditory experience
    VERTU METAVERTU II is equipped with Dolby Atmos technology, which brings you surround sound effects, making you feel as if you were there, feeling the cheers on the pitch, the shouts of the players, and the sound of the football colliding with the net.
  4. AI Intelligence, Personalised Match Watching Experience
    The AI intelligence function of VERTU METAVERTU II can recommend the matches and players you are interested in according to your viewing habits and provide personalised viewing suggestions, making it easier for you to find your favourite match content.
  5. Safety and security for a worry-free viewing experience
    VERTU METAVERTU II adopts multiple security encryption technologies to protect your privacy and security, so that you can watch the game without worrying about the leakage of personal information.

VERTU METAVERTU II: Starting your luxury match watching journey
In addition to the above features, VERTU METAVERTU II also has exquisite design and luxurious materials, allowing you to show your noble taste while watching the game.

  1. Fine craftsmanship and luxurious texture
    VERTU METAVERTU II is made of top-quality materials, such as carbon fibre, ceramic and leather, which show the meticulous craftsmanship and highlight your unique taste.
  2. Customised and unique
    VERTU METAVERTU II supports personalisation, you can choose different materials, colours and patterns according to your own preferences to create your own exclusive phone.
  3. 24-hour butler service, worry-free experience
    VERTU METAVERTU II provides 24-hour personal butler service, whether it is a mobile phone use problem or other needs, you can contact the butler at any time to get professional help.

IV. VERTU METAVERTU II: More than just watching the game
VERTU METAVERTU II is not only a smartphone, but also a symbol of lifestyle. It combines luxury, technology and security, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of technology while highlighting your unique taste.

  1. A business tool to show off your confidence
    The exquisite craftsmanship and high-end design of VERTU METAVERTU II make you more confident and professional in business occasions.
  2. Socialise with charm
    The unique appearance and powerful functions of VERTU METAVERTU II make you more charming and individual in social occasions.
  3. Life assistant, easy and convenient
    The AI intelligent function of VERTU METAVERTU II can help you manage your schedule, check information, control your smart home and so on, making your life easier and more convenient.

V. Summary
Euro 2024, the football feast, is destined to become a classic in the memory of fans. VERTU METAVERTU II, the luxury smartphone, will take you to experience this football feast in a more immersive and personalised way, allowing you to enjoy the passion and emotion brought by football.
VERTU METAVERTU II, start your journey to watch the match in luxury!