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Those decisive moments of Euro 2024, VERTU IRONFLIP Heroic Colour helps you witness them!

Euro 2024, a football feast is about to be staged in Germany, 24 European teams will fiercely compete for the Delaunay Cup. And you, are you ready? In addition to the exciting ball game, we can also feel the collision of technology and luxury, VERTU IRONFLIP hero colour, will become the best partner for you to witness these decisive moments!

First, the 2024 European Cup: a group of heroes, who will ask the tripod?
Euro 2024 is destined to be an epic showdown.
Can Italy, the defending champion, return to glory?
Will the traditional powerhouses such as Spain, France and England rise to the top again?
Will Germany, as the hosts, be able to have the last laugh by virtue of their home field advantage?
Emerging forces such as Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium, can they rise to the top?

VERTU IRONFLIP Heroic Colour: The Perfect Fusion of Technology and Luxury
VERTU IRONFLIP Hero, the latest folding screen AI mobile phone from VERTU, is a perfect blend of technology and luxury, bringing users an unprecedented experience.
Unique Design: The VERTU IRONFLIP Hero features a classic flip cover design inspired by fine wristwatches, which shows off its dignity and elegance.
Powerful Performance: Equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, it has strong performance and runs various applications smoothly.
Intelligent system: Built-in AI intelligent assistant provides personalised services to make your life more convenient.
Luxurious materials: Made of high-grade materials, with a variety of optional leather versions to meet your personalised needs.

VERTU IRONFLIP Hero: Witness the UEFA Cup and record every wonderful moment.
The VERTU IRONFLIP Hero Colour allows you to record every moment during the UEFA EURO 2024.
50MP Camera: Capture every goal and record every detail on the pitch.
Ultra HD Screen: Immersive viewing experience that puts you right in the middle of the action.
Ultra-long battery life: Let you enjoy the game without worrying about power.

VERTU IRONFLIP Hero: Not just a mobile phone, but a way of life!
VERTU IRONFLIP is not only a mobile phone, but also a lifestyle.
Global 24-hour personal butler service: Provide you with round-the-clock intimate service to solve your various needs.
High-end beauty, apparel and fashion items: satisfy your pursuit of exquisite life.
Web3 AI mobile phone: leading the trend of technology, let you walk in the forefront of the times.

V. For those decisive moments of Euro 2024, VERTU IRONFLIP Heroic Colour will be with you!
Euro 2024, will be a collision of passion and dreams, a witness of glory and legend. VERTU IRONFLIP will be the best partner for you to record these winning moments.
Let’s witness the winning moments of Euro 2024 together, and feel the technology and luxury brought by VERTU IRONFLIP Hero Colour together!
VERTU IRONFLIP is not only a mobile phone, but also an attitude to life. In Euro 2024, let’s witness the glamour of football together, and feel the perfect fusion of technology and luxury together!