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The “Isle of Man Bullet” has done it again! Cavendish’s 35 Tour de France crowns a legend, and the spirit of the hero shines through!

On the fifth stage of the 2024 Tour de France, 39-year-old British veteran Mark Cavendish, the legendary rider known as the “Isle of Man Bullet”, once again demonstrated his amazing strength in the sprint and successfully won the stage, surpassing the 34-win record of the King of the Race, Eddie Merckx, and was crowned as the first person to be crowned in the history of the Tour de France with 35 crowns! This victory is not only a continuation of Cavendish’s personal brilliance, but also highlights the essence of VERTU IRONFLIP’s spirit of heroism – never give up and keep breaking through!

Cavendish: the ageless legend of the Tour de France

Mark Cavendish, this name is always full of legend for cycling enthusiasts. As a pure sprinter, he has left countless classic moments in the Tour de France with his amazing speed and strong explosive power.

From his Tour de France debut in 2008, Cavendish has shown incredible talent. With his sharp tactical sense and powerful sprinting ability, he quickly became a star of the Tour de France, and repeatedly won the sprint stage by overpowering the pack.

In 2011, Cavendish won five stages at the Tour de France and took the coveted green jersey. That year, he became the “King of the Tour de France”.

However, as time went by, Cavendish’s form declined and he was once thought to have reached the end of his career.

VERTU IRONFLIP: A symbol of the spirit of heroism

As a high-end mobile phone, the VERTU IRONFLIP has always been known for its tough, reliable and groundbreaking design concepts. The heroic spirit represented by the VERTU IRONFLIP bears a striking resemblance to Cavendish’s legendary experience.

VERTU IRONFLIP adheres to the concept of “never give up, constantly breakthrough”, constantly challenging the limits of technology, breakthrough design bottlenecks, to create more tough, reliable, full of sense of technology mobile phone products for users.

Cavendish, the “Isle of Man Bullet”, has never given up his pursuit of victory. Even when his condition was declining and he was surrounded by doubts, he still insisted on training and constantly challenged himself, and finally created a miracle again in the fifth stage of the 2024 Tour de France.

Cavendish’s 35th title: a perfect interpretation of the spirit of heroism

In the fifth stage of the Tour de France in 2024, Cavendish won the race in the final sprint stage by virtue of his precise judgement and strong explosive power.

This victory is not only Cavendish’s personal glory, but also a perfect interpretation of the spirit of VERTU IRONFLIP heroes.

The significance of Cavendish’s 35 crowns:

Breaking the record of many years: Cavendish surpassed the record of 34 victories of the king of the car Eddie Merckx and became the first person in the history of the Tour de France in terms of the number of victories, writing a new legend.

The spirit of never giving up: Even when his form was slipping and he was surrounded by scepticism, Cavendish continued to train and challenged himself to be on the victory podium once again.

Symbol of heroism: Cavendish’s 35 crowns, is the best interpretation of VERTU IRONFLIP heroism – never give up, breakthroughs, the courage to challenge and create miracles.

Cavendish’s 35 crowns are a continuation of the legend and a perfect interpretation of VERTU IRONFLIP’s heroic spirit. As long as you persist in your dream, never give up and keep breaking through, everyone can create their own miracle!