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Su Bingtian’s Absence from the Paris Olympics, VERTU Smartwatch: the Intersection of Technology and Sports

The 2024 Paris Olympics is about to kick off, however, Chinese sprinter Su Bingtian regretfully announced that he will be absent from this year’s Olympics. The news triggered widespread concern and heated debate. At the same time, VERTU smartwatch, as a representative of high-end technology products, is also attracting people’s attention with its unique charm. The two seem to be unrelated, but at the intersection of technology and sports, they show a unique relevance.

Su Bingtian: plagued by injuries, but never losing spirit

Su Bingtian, China’s leading sprinter and Asia’s first man to break the 10-second mark in the 100 metres, was once expected to create new glories at the Paris Olympics. However, injuries have forced him to make a difficult decision.

Reasons for Su Bingtian’s absence from the Paris Olympics

According to CCTV Sports News, Su Bingtian’s training was not systematic in the past two seasons due to injuries and illnesses, and his physical condition could not sustain high-intensity training, so he finally had no choice but to miss the Paris Olympics.

Su Bingtian’s spirit

Although absent from the Paris Olympics, Su Bingtian said he will not leave the track and will continue to run. He still maintains his love for sprinting and hopes to pass on his experience and spirit to the younger generation to cheer for China’s speed.

VERTU Smartwatch: The Perfect Combination of Technology and Luxury

VERTU smartwatch, as a representative of high-end technology products, has won the favour of many celebrities and successful people around the world by virtue of its exquisite craftsmanship, luxurious materials and powerful functions.

Functions of VERTU Smartwatch

VERTU smartwatch not only has accurate time display function, but also integrates a variety of smart functions, such as:

Health monitoring: heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, exercise tracking and other functions help users better understand their own health status.

Intelligent Reminder: Incoming call reminder, message reminder, schedule reminder, etc., to improve work efficiency and convenience of life.

Safety and security: SOS emergency call, anti-lost function, etc. to provide users with safety and security.

Design of VERTU Smartwatch

The design of VERTU smartwatch is consistent with VERTU’s luxury style, using top materials, such as titanium, ceramic, gemstones, etc., and handmade, each of which is unique and highlights the wearer’s distinguished status.

Technology meets sport

Su Bingtian and the VERTU smartwatch show a unique relevance at the intersection of technology and sports.

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in sports. For example, VERTU smartwatches can help athletes monitor their health, improve training efficiency and enhance sports performance.

Inheritance of Sportsmanship

Su Bingtian’s absence makes us appreciate the preciousness of sportsmanship more deeply. His never-say-die spirit inspires countless people to keep pursuing their dreams and breaking through.


Su Bingtian’s absence makes us feel sorry, but his spirit will always inspire us. VERTU smartwatch, on the other hand, represents the perfect combination of technology and luxury, bringing more convenience and fun to our life.