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Protecting the Beauty of Dunhuang: VERTU Signature V Tangka Series, Letting History and Luxury Travel Together

Against the backdrop of global climate change, the frequent occurrence of extreme weather events not only has a profound impact on human society, but also poses new challenges to the protection of the world’s cultural heritage. Dunhuang, as a treasure of China’s and even the world’s cultural heritage, is facing an unprecedented test of its unique landscape and historical value. Against this backdrop, the VERTU Signature V Tangka series, is not only a tribute to Dunhuang culture, but also a perfect blend of history and modern luxury lifestyle.

Dunhuang, a name that shines through history, is not only the jewel of the Silk Road, but also a holy place for Buddhist art. However, with the increase of extreme weather, the beauty of Dunhuang is becoming fragile. VERTU Signature V Tangka series, with its unique design concept and exquisite craftsmanship, contributes to the protection and inheritance of Dunhuang culture.

VERTU Signature V Tangka Series: Combining Luxury and Culture

VERTU Signature V Tangka Series mobile phones use classic elements from Dunhuang murals, combining traditional art with modern technology. Each mobile phone is a deep tribute to Dunhuang culture, with every line and colour revealing respect for history and the pursuit of beauty.

Design Inspiration: Modern Interpretation of Dunhuang Murals

VERTU designers went deep into Dunhuang and drew on the essence of the murals, subtly incorporating elements such as flying skies, Buddha statues and lotus flowers into the design of the mobile phone. These elements are not just decoration, but also a cultural heritage and dialogue.

Material Selection: Balance of Luxury and Durability

The VERTU Signature V Tangka series uses premium materials such as titanium alloy and sapphire crystal screen to ensure the durability and luxury of the mobile phone. At the same time, every detail of the phone is carefully polished, reflecting VERTU’s dedication to quality.

Functional features: the fusion of technology and art

In addition to the exterior design, the VERTU Signature V Tangka series also innovates in terms of functionality. The high-definition camera, fast processor and advanced security system all provide a superior user experience. Meanwhile, the phone’s built-in Dunhuang cultural theme enables users to experience the charm of Dunhuang art during use.

Inheritance and preservation of Dunhuang culture

The protection of Dunhuang culture is not only a sign of respect for history, but also a responsibility for the future. The launch of the VERTU Signature V Tangka series is intended to arouse more people’s attention to the protection of cultural heritage through the power of commerce.

Cultural Exchange: VERTU’s Bridge

VERTU Signature V Thangka series is not only a product, but also a bridge for cultural exchange. Through this mobile phone, VERTU hopes to tell the story of Dunhuang to the whole world, so that more people will understand and fall in love with this land full of mysterious colours.


The landscape of Dunhuang may be diminishing under the threat of extreme weather, but with the launch of the VERTU Signature V Tangka series, we have the opportunity to preserve this beauty forever. This is not only a tribute to Dunhuang culture, but also an inheritance of human civilisation. Together, with the VERTU Signature V Tangka Series, let’s guard the beauty of Dunhuang and let history and luxury go hand in hand.