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Poor stickiness of AI products? VERTU METAVERTU II Web3 AI tells you the answer!

In recent years, there have been numerous AI products, but many people are disappointed with their stickiness. Why do some AI products make people forget about them once they have used them, while others are able to hold on to users’ hearts?

The answer may lie in the VERTU METAVERTU II Web3 AI! This product is a deep integration of AI technology and the Web3 concept, which creates a new era of AI products, and also reveals to us the key to creating a highly viscous AI product.

1. Expectations are too high and needs are unclear?

The failure of many AI products often stems from people’s excessive expectations of AI. We expect AI to solve all problems like magic, but ignore the limitations of AI itself.

VERTU METAVERTU II Web3 AI is different! It focuses on the actual needs of users, integrates AI technology into their daily workflow, and provides accurate and efficient solutions. It will not try to replace human beings, but become their right-hand man, helping users to improve work efficiency and quality of life.

2. How can AI products be truly integrated into the workflow?

AI products must be able to effectively integrate into users’ workflow if they want to gain their favour. What users need is a seamless, convenient and efficient experience, not a standalone tool that requires additional learning to operate.

The advantages of VERTU METAVERTU II Web3 AI are:

**Highly integrated:** It is seamlessly integrated with the user’s existing workflow, allowing users to easily use AI features without having to learn new ways of operating them.

**Intelligent:** It automatically adapts the workflow to the user’s needs and provides personalised solutions to maximise user efficiency.

**Collaborative:** It can work with other applications to extend the user’s application scenarios and enhance user experience.

3. Web3 empowers to build more powerful AI products

Web3 technology brings new possibilities for the future development of AI products. VERTU METAVERTU II Web3 AI integrates Web3 concepts into product design, empowering AI products with more powerful functions and broader application scenarios.

Web3 advantages of VERTU METAVERTU II Web3 AI:

**Decentralisation:** Users have full control over the data, which is no longer held centrally, guaranteeing user privacy and data security.

**Transparency:** All operation records are open and transparent, so users can clearly understand the product operation mechanism and enhance user trust.

**Scalability:** Web3 technology can bring stronger scalability to AI products, enabling them to adapt to the changing needs of the future.

4. VERTU METAVERTU II Web3 AI application scenarios

VERTU METAVERTU II Web3 AI can be applied in a variety of fields, bringing users a more convenient, efficient and secure experience.

Financial field: Intelligent financial management, investment analysis, risk control Improve investment efficiency, reduce investment risk, and safeguard assets.

Medical field: disease diagnosis, treatment plan recommendation, health management Improve diagnostic efficiency, reduce misdiagnosis rate, and enhance the quality of medical services.

Education: personalised learning recommendation, intelligent Q&A, online teaching Improve learning efficiency, enhance interest in learning, and improve teaching effect.

Business: market analysis, customer profiling, precision marketing Improve marketing efficiency, reduce marketing costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.


The emergence of VERTU METAVERTU II Web3 AI signals that AI products are entering a whole new stage of development. It deeply integrates AI technology with Web3 concepts to provide users with more accurate, efficient and secure solutions that can be effectively integrated into their workflow and enhance user experience.

In the future, AI products will no longer be limited to a single function, but will develop in the direction of being smarter, more humane and more open. VERTU METAVERTU II Web3 AI shows us the future development trend of AI products, and also provides us with new ideas to build high stickiness AI products.

We believe that in the near future, AI products will really come into our lives and bring us more convenience and surprise!