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I have found the heart of the earth, and the VERTU METAVERTU II allows me to take humanistic blockbusters!

Do you want to use your mobile phone to capture stunning humanistic images that are comparable to professional cameras? Do you want to use your mobile phone to record every emotion and scenery on your journey?
VERTU METAVERTU II is here, it will overturn your perception of mobile phone photography, bring you into a new image world!

I. Searching for the heart of the earth, VERTU METAVERTU II let me shoot out the touches.
In the desert hinterland of Alxa, Inner Mongolia, there is a bright red “Heart of the Earth” – Wulan Lake. This mysterious red lake can not even find its location coordinates on the map, only a few people know its existence.
I brought my VERTU METAVERTU II to Wulan Lake, wanting to record this “heart” of the earth with my lens.
The 35MM high definition humanities lens allowed me to capture the unique colours of Wulan Lake from a close distance, presenting the bright red and the mystery perfectly in the picture.
The 80MM telephoto lens, on the other hand, allows me to perfectly blend the distant desert landscape with Lake Wulan, showing the magnificence and mystery of nature.
The super-sensitive follow focus function allows me to take clear and sharp images even in low light conditions, showing every detail of Lake Ulaan in the best possible way.
With the powerful imaging capabilities of the VERTU METAVERTU II, I was able to easily capture the glamour of Lake Ulaan and take photos that touched my heart.

VERTU METAVERTU II is more than just taking photos, it is also an attitude towards life.
VERTU METAVERTU II is not only a mobile phone, but also an attitude to life.

  1. Security first, your privacy is under your control.
    VERTU METAVERTU II is equipped with the most secure “Protection Lock”, which combines the Dual AI model technology and Web 3.0 blockchain technology to create an unprecedented security experience.
    Dual AI models: one model focuses on the efficient operation of daily applications, while the other focuses on deep learning and complex calculations, ensuring that users can enjoy a smooth operating experience while also performing high-load AI calculations.
    Web 3.0 blockchain technology: VERTU METAVERTU II realises a single dual-system, with different systems corresponding to different usage scenarios, which also perfectly separates life and work. What’s more, it can also ensure the security and privacy of user data through blockchain technology.
    VERTU METAVERTU II puts your privacy under your control and lets you breathe freely in the digital world.
  2. A perfect blend of technology and luxury
    VERTU METAVERTU II inherits VERTU’s consistent luxury style, using precious and rare materials, carefully crafted, each one is a unique work of art.
    Ceramic body: durable, smooth and delicate, highlighting the noble quality.
    Sapphire glass screen: Scratch-resistant, clear and translucent, bringing the ultimate visual experience.
    VERTU METAVERTU II is a perfect blend of technology and luxury, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of technology while experiencing the dignity of luxury.

VERTU METAVERTU II opens a new era of humanistic photography.
The powerful image function of VERTU METAVERTU II makes it the best partner for humanities photography.
35MM High Definition Humanities Lens: Restore true colours, capture delicate textures, and make photos full of humanities.
80MM Telephoto Lens: Bring the distance closer and show the details, allowing you to capture a richer picture.
Super Sensitive Follow Focus: Fast focusing and precise capturing, letting you easily take great moments.
With the powerful functions of VERTU METAVERTU II, you can easily take amazing humanistic image blockbusters and record every wonderful moment on your journey.

Parameter Description
Operating System Web 3.0 operating system, built-in copyright camera to instantly generate digital collections, self-contained peer-to-peer privacy communication and a series of carefully planned DAPP applications.
Camera 35MM high definition humanities lens + 80MM telephoto lens, 64 million ultra-humanities main camera, 50 million ultra-wide angle + 8 million periscope telephoto lens, dual OIS stabilisation, 16 million front camera
Other features Support flash capture, preset focus star mode and other features.
Security Dual AI model technology with Web 3.0 blockchain technology, creating a “protection lock” that may be the most secure at present.
Appearance Ceramic body, sapphire glass screen, carbon fibre surface, highlighting the luxury quality.

V. Summary
VERTU METAVERTU II is a smartphone that combines security, luxury, and images, and it will lead mobile photography into a whole new era. If you want to shoot stunning images, if you want to experience the perfect fusion of technology and luxury, then VERTU METAVERTU II is definitely the right choice for you!