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Green Velvet Journey: VERTU Concierge brings you a luxury experience in Ili

In the remote western region, there is a magical land called “Jiangnan outside the plug” – Ili. Here, natural scenery and humanistic landscapes are intertwined, forming a moving picture scroll. Now, VERTU Concierge Service, together with Travel, transforms the beauty of the book into a luxurious travel experience, allowing you to enjoy VERTU’s exclusive services while exploring Ili.

VERTU Concierge: Your Personal Travel Butler

As a world-renowned high-end mobile phone brand, VERTU’s concierge service has always been synonymous with dignity and professionalism. We understand that travelling is not only about arriving at the destination, but also about every experience during the process. Therefore, VERTU Concierge Service will provide you with one-on-one customised travel plans to ensure your trip to Yili is both comfortable and memorable.

Explore Yili: A Feast of Nature and Culture

Yili, a land surrounded by greenery, is a precious treasure given to mankind by nature. From the vastness of the Narathi Grassland to the clarity and depth of the Sayram Lake, from the precipitousness of the Great Canyon of Karajun to the majesty of the Guozigou Bridge, each of these is a natural wonder that you cannot afford to miss. VERTU concierge service will take you deep into these beautiful scenery and experience a feast for the eyes and the soul.

Humanistic Experience: Touching the Veins of History

In addition to natural scenery, Yili is also rich in history and culture. Here, you can visit the ancient Silk Road relics and feel the weight of history; you can enter the Uyghur villages and experience their unique living customs; and you can taste the authentic Xinjiang cuisine and let your taste buds take a trip. VERTU concierge service will arrange all these for you, so as to make your trip more colourful.

Luxury Accommodation: Enjoy a Prestigious Break

After a day’s travelling, a comfortable accommodation is essential. VERTU Concierge has carefully selected high-end hotels and special B&Bs in the Ili region to ensure that you have a quiet and comfortable resting space while enjoying the local flavour. Whether in a tent under the starry sky or in a luxurious presidential suite, you can feel VERTU’s pursuit of quality.

Safety and security: your travelling guardian

Safety while travelling has always been the focus of VERTU concierge service. We provide you with a full range of safety and security services, including but not limited to emergency medical assistance, travel insurance, and 24-hour customer support. No matter what problems you encounter during your journey, VERTU Concierge Service will be your most reliable backing.

Yili, a huge green velvet cake, is waiting for you to taste it. VERTU concierge service will be your personal travelling butler, taking you to enjoy this luxury travel experience. Choosing VERTU is choosing a high-quality life attitude. Let’s set off together to explore the infinite charm of Ili!