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Explore the Mystery and Luxury of Tibet — VERTU and Xue Zhiqian go on a spiritual journey together

In today’s fast-paced life, people are more and more eager to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and find a pure land of the soul. And Tibet, this mysterious plateau, with its unique natural scenery and deep cultural heritage, has become the holy land in the hearts of many people. Recently, the Tibet Culture and Tourism Department issued an invitation to the famous singer Xue Zhiqian, hoping that he can convey the natural beauty and cultural charm of Tibet with the power of music.

And as a high-end mobile phone brand, VERTU has always been committed to creating extraordinary experiences for users. We understand that every trip is not only a physical movement, but also a spiritual touch and exploration. Come on! With VERTU mobile phones and VERTU Concierge Service, VERTU offers you an unforgettable journey of the soul.

VERTU Concierge: Your Personal Travel Consultant

VERTU’s Concierge Service is your personal advisor when travelling. We offer a full range of services from itinerary planning to cultural experiences. Whether you want to explore the religious culture of Tibet or enjoy a peaceful time on the plateau, VERTU’s concierge service can meet your needs.

Customised Travel Experience: Travelling with Xue Zhiqian

We invite you to embark on this spiritual journey with Xue Zhiqian. As the messenger of music, Xue Zhiqian will use his singing voice to bring you to enjoy the natural scenery and humanistic feelings of Tibet. VERTU users will have the opportunity to get special activities with Xue Zhiqian, including concerts, cultural lectures, and so on.

VERTU high-end mobile phones: record every touching moment

During this trip, VERTU high-end mobile phones will be the perfect tool for you to record your touches. Whether it’s capturing the magnificent mountains and lakes with the HD camera, or recording every bit of your trip with the smooth system, VERTU can provide you with an outstanding experience.

Exclusive Customisation Service: Express Your Individuality

VERTU understands that every user is unique. That’s why we offer an exclusive customisation service, where everything from the look of your phone to its features can be tailored to your personal preferences. Your VERTU mobile phone is not only a communication tool, but also a fashion item that expresses your individuality.

Security and Privacy: The VERTU Promise

When travelling, security and privacy are especially important, and VERTU mobile phones use the most advanced security technologies to ensure that your personal information and data are safe. It allows you to enjoy travelling without worrying about privacy leakage.

Tibet, a mysterious and desirable place, and VERTU, a brand that stands for luxury and quality. When the two meet, it will bring you an unprecedented spiritual journey. Let’s follow the song of Xue Zhiqian, explore the mystery of Tibet and experience the extraordinary life brought by VERTU.