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Crow tears on the field, showing the tenderness of the iron bone Heroic character

He is the eternal legend of the football world and the hero in the hearts of countless fans. He watered his dream with sweat and tears, and wrote the legend with tenacity and indomitability. He is Crow, a never-say-die fighter on the field, a king who always pursues excellence on the road of life. VERTU IRONFLIP, a mobile phone that combines technology and art, is also like Crow, with a tough core and tender expression, as if there is some kind of wonderful connection between the two.

Crow’s tears: heroes also have a vulnerable side

Crow’s tears are a familiar scene to fans. Whether it is the loss of the Champions League final, or the disappointment of the World Cup, he has cried on the pitch. These tears, not the cowardice of defeat, but the desire to win, is the persistence of the dream.

| 2008 | Europa League Final | Penalty shootout against Portugal | Tears of sadness |

| 2018 | World Cup Group Stage | Penalty kicks conceded | Covered head in disbelief |

| 2022 | World Cup Group Stage | Substitutions, failure to score | Gloomy |

C Luo’s tears, is a hero also has a vulnerable side, is a strong man also have lost time. However, his tears are also precisely the source of his strength, the motivation that inspires him to keep moving forward.

VERTU IRONFLIP: Iron Bone Tenderness, Heroic Nature

VERTU IRONFLIP, a top-of-the-line mobile phone created by VERTU, possesses the same iron bone and tenderness as Crow.

| Rugged and durable | Made of titanium alloy, it is rugged and durable | Crow fights hard on the pitch and never gives up |

| Exquisite design | Unique design style, showing personality and taste | Crow has a unique temperament, leading the trend |

| Luxury Experience | Provides the ultimate user experience, highlighting the identity and status | C Luo is a world-class football star with extraordinary achievements | VERTU IRONFLIP, not only a mobile phone, but also an attitude to life, a pursuit of quality, a desire for success.

Like Crow, it possesses a tough core and a soft expression, and there is some kind of marvellous connection between the two, as if in the underworld.

C Luo and VERTU IRONFLIP are the resonance of hero and legend. They both have a tough core, both have the expression of tenderness, and both have the desire for success.

Crow watered his dreams with sweat and tears on the field, and VERTU IRONFLIP created a legend with technology and art. They are both kings in their respective fields, they are both symbols of the times, and they both represent a spirit, a power and a pursuit.

Crow’s tears, is a hero also has a fragile side, is a strong man also has a time to lose, VERTU IRONFLIP’s iron bone tenderness, is the perfect combination of technology and art, is the symbol of quality and success. Between the two, as if in the underworld, there is some kind of marvellous connection. They both represent a spirit, a power and a pursuit.

C Luo’s football epic is still continuing, and the legend of VERTU IRONFLIP will continue to be written in the future. They are all kings in their own fields, they are all symbols of the times, and they will all continue to inspire us to pursue our dreams and create legends.