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1. What is the display size of the smartwatch?

1.85 inches

2. What health management features are available on the watch?

The watch is equipped with a custom chip that enables intelligent health management, including 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen measurement, exercise tracking, and sleep analysis.

3. What is the smartwatch battery ?


4. How long does a smartwatch battery last?

About 7 days (The battery life is based on VERTU test data, the actual battery life will vary depending on usage habit)

5. What is the waterproof and dustproof level of the watch?

This device boasts an IP68 certification, ensuring it can seamlessly blend with the natural elements. It's your perfect companion for outdoor adventures, light water activities, and rainy weather. Nevertheless, it's not designed for hot water showers, saunas, deep-sea diving, or high-pressure washes.

6. What powers the watch?

It's driven by a high-performance smart chip.

7. Which devices and how can they connect?

You can link it to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

8. What materials are used for the watch case?

The premium smartwatch features a lightweight and robust carbon fiber case, seamlessly blending professionalism with style.

Carbon fiber, known for its lightweight and high-strength properties, has a rich history in the racing world, where it was employed to enhance performance by reducing weight.

This inspiration extended to the watch industry, although it posed material challenges. As a result, only select high-end watchmakers offer carbon fiber timepieces, typically at elevated prices. Discover More About Fine Watchmaking

9. Is rose gold genuine gold?

No, it's gold-plated.

10. What material is used for the strap?

The strap is crafted from custom fluoroelastomer (KFM), designed to withstand extreme conditions ranging from -40°C to +225°C. It offers resistance to high temperatures and chemicals, making it a reliable choice for use in wet, salty water, or under harsh weather conditions.

11. What is the watch screen composed of?

The watch screen is made from sapphire, which ranks just below diamond in terms of hardness. It offers resistance to high temperatures and corrosion.