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Bored on the high-speed train? VERTU METAVERTU 2 helps you play the journey, office and entertainment at the same time!

Travelling on high-speed rail is an indispensable part of modern people’s life. But a long journey inevitably makes people feel bored. Swiping mobile phones, watching films, sleeping, these traditional ways of passing time seem to have failed to meet people’s needs.

So, how can you play the journey on the high-speed railway and make the time more meaningful?

The answer may lie in VERTU METAVERTU 2!

VERTU METAVERTU 2, the Web3 AI mobile phone that combines luxury, technology and security, not only has exquisite appearance and powerful performance, but also brings users an unprecedented intelligent experience.

Whether for office, entertainment, or exploring the Web3.0 world, VERTU METAVERTU 2 can meet your needs and make your high-speed rail journey full of fun!

I. Say goodbye to boring, VERTU METAVERTU 2 opens a new era of high-speed rail entertainment!

1. Dual-model AI, upgraded personalised entertainment experience

VERTU METAVERTU 2 is equipped with the world’s first dual-model AI technology, which has two independent AI models, each responsible for handling different tasks.

Daily Application AI Model: Focuses on the efficient operation of daily applications, ensuring that users can perform high-load AI operations while enjoying a smooth operating experience.

Deep Learning AI model: focuses on deep learning and complex calculations, and is able to recommend personalised entertainment content based on the user’s habits and preferences.

Whether you are watching movies, listening to music, playing games, or browsing social media, VERTU METAVERTU 2 is able to recommend the most suitable entertainment content according to your preferences, so that you can enjoy a personalised entertainment experience on the high speed train!

2. Web 3.0 Functions, Explore the New World of Metaverse

VERTU METAVERTU 2 is the world’s first Web3 AI mobile phone with a built-in Web3.0 operating system, allowing users to easily experience the Web3.0 world.

One-click digital collection generation: VERTU METAVERTU 2 has a built-in copyright camera that turns photos and videos into NFT digital collections with one click, giving your travelling memories a unique value.

Peer-to-peer private communication: VERTU METAVERTU 2 has a self-contained peer-to-peer private communication system to safeguard your calls and information, so you can chat without worrying on the go.

Rich DAPP applications: VERTU METAVERTU 2 has carefully curated a series of DAPP applications covering a wide range of fields such as games, social networking, finance, etc., so that you can experience the infinite possibilities brought by Web3.0 on the high-speed train.

3. Ultra-HD screen, immersive visual enjoyment

VERTU METAVERTU 2 is equipped with an Ultra HD display with high resolution and high colour gamut, presenting a more detailed and realistic picture.

Whether you are watching a film or browsing the web on a high speed train, VERTU METAVERTU 2 can bring you an immersive visual enjoyment, allowing you to relax on your journey!

II. Efficient office work, VERTU METAVERTU 2 helps you travel without worry!

1. Powerful performance, efficient handling of work tasks

With its powerful processor and large memory, VERTU METAVERTU 2 is able to cope with a variety of work tasks with ease.

Efficiently handle documents: Whether it’s editing documents, creating forms, or handling emails, VERTU METAVERTU 2 can do it all quickly and smoothly, so you can work efficiently on the high-speed train.

Stress-free video conferencing: VERTU METAVERTU 2 supports high-definition video calls, so you can clearly conduct video conferences and stay in close contact with your colleagues even on the high-speed train.

2. Safe and reliable for work on the go

VERTU METAVERTU 2 has industry-leading security technology to keep your work data safe.

Encryption protection: VERTU METAVERTU 2 uses advanced encryption technology to protect your work data and prevent information leakage.

Security system: VERTU METAVERTU 2 has a built-in security system that monitors the security status of your mobile phone in real time and alerts the user in a timely manner to safeguard your work.

3. Convenient operation, easy to control the pace of work

VERTU METAVERTU 2 has a simple and intuitive interface, which makes it easy for users to get started quickly.

Voice assistant: VERTU METAVERTU 2 has a built-in voice assistant, which allows you to control your mobile phone with your voice, freeing your hands and making it easy to complete your work tasks.

Multi-tasking: VERTU METAVERTU 2 supports multi-tasking, allowing you to work on multiple tasks at the same time to improve efficiency.

Third, VERTU METAVERTU 2, the best companion for high-speed railway journey!

VERTU METAVERTU 2 is not only a mobile phone, but also a high-tech intelligent terminal which can meet all the needs of users during the high-speed railway journey.

Whether it’s for entertainment, office work, or exploring the Web 3.0 world, VERTU METAVERTU 2 provides users with an unrivalled experience, making your high-speed rail journey fun and efficient!

VERTU METAVERTU 2, the best companion for your high-speed railway journey, makes your journey full of fun and efficiency!