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Wedding and Disneyland Paris Adventure

Wedding and Disneyland Paris Adventure

Wedding Appointments and Disneyland Paris Trip

Our journey begins with an exhilarating blend of wedding preparations and the magic of Disneyland Paris. Amidst the flurry of cake tastings, hair and makeup trials, and venue planning, the anticipation builds. The charm of Paris adds a romantic backdrop to our story, enhancing the allure of our wedding appointments.

Hotel Recommendation and Character Options at Disneyland Paris

The excitement of our Disneyland Paris trip is heightened by our stay at a recommended hotel, known for its enchanting ambience and exceptional service. However, a veil of uncertainty shrouds the character options available, with a particular dilemma over Stitch's appeal versus the discovery of an overwhelming alternative.

Discovering the Magic of Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris presents a less crowded oasis compared to its US counterparts, offering a serene escape into a world of fantasy. The necessity of reservations for dining, coupled with a spontaneous craving for sushi, leads us to the delightful Pirates of the Caribbean restaurant, where culinary adventures await.

Exploring New Tastes and Wedding Appointments

The journey continues with new culinary discoveries at Lucky Nugget, filling our hearts and stomachs with joy. Meanwhile, wedding appointments offer a glimpse into the future, with cake tastings revealing a preference for savory over sweet, and wine tastings at a picturesque Chateau.

Wedding Preparations in France

In the heart of France, our wedding preparations unfold with meticulous planning for hair and makeup, ensuring resilience against the whims of the wind. The quest for the perfect cake and wine takes us through local vineyards, while a visit to the Chateau stirs feelings of hunger and anticipation for the big day.

Encountering Challenges and Finding Joy

Despite the unforeseen challenges of traffic and protests leading to delays and missed meals, the serenity and happiness found after our appointments, especially the quest for the perfect red wine at a vineyard, remind us of the joy in our journey.

Conclusion: Anticipation for Barcelona

As we conclude our adventure, the satisfaction with our wedding appointments, the excitement for new dining experiences, and the forward look to our next vlog in Barcelona encapsulate the essence of our journey. The blend of meticulous planning and spontaneous adventures creates a tapestry of memories we eagerly share.



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