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Article: The Best and Worst Watches of 2023: A Comprehensive Review

The Best and Worst Watches of 2023: A Comprehensive Review

The Best and Worst Watches of 2023: A Comprehensive Review

The Best and Worst Watches of 2023: A Comprehensive Review


As the year draws to a close, it's time to reflect on the horological highlights and lowlights of 2023. This review is based on personal opinions and aims to cover a range of noteworthy timepieces. While it's impossible to include every significant release, this article invites readers to share their own favorites and least favorites in the comments.

Top 10 Best Watches of 2023

1. Zenith Chronomaster Sport

The Zenith Chronomaster Sport, with its new Sunburst finish and steel bezel, stands at number ten. Its conventional yet daring design, including the Zenith Defy Revival Shadow, showcases Zenith's willingness to experiment.

2. Laco DIN 8330

Laco's DIN 8330, a highly capable pilot watch, is a significant evolution for the brand. It meets rigorous German standards, embodying everything "German made" is revered for.

3. Citizen Group Innovations

The Citizen Group, including Bulova and Frederique Constant, has listened to watch enthusiasts, resulting in impressive releases like the 666 Devil Diver GMT and affordable Swiss-made tourbillons.

4. Marco Borraccino's APEST Diver

Marco Borraccino, a YouTuber turned watchmaker, has successfully launched his own brand with the APEST 38mm diver, a testament to his dedication to the craft.

5. Marathon Navigator in Steel

The Marathon Navigator, a mil-spec watch with tritium tube illumination, returns in a steel version, maintaining its historic and functional appeal.

6. Hanhart Red X Blue and Gray Flyback

Hanhart's limited edition flyback chronographs in blue and gray are competitively priced collectibles, showcasing the brand's heritage in sport timekeeping.

7. Vulcain Nautical Alarm

The Vulcain Nautical Alarm, a reissue of a 1960s diver, is notable for its mechanical alarm that functions underwater, a unique feature for professional divers.

8. Rolex 1908 Dress Watch

Rolex's 1908 dress watch, replacing the Cellini line, is a traditionally styled timepiece that marks a departure from the brand's usual incremental updates.

9. Squalo Consin Palom Collaboration

This collaboration between Squalo and the Marina Militare's elite unit is historic, featuring a titanium case and a sandwich dial, a nod to Panerai.

10. Grand Seiko 36mm Midsize Watches

Grand Seiko's release of 36mm midsize versions of the 1967 reference 44GS is a highlight, offering a selection of unisex watches with the brand's signature design grammar.

Top 10 Worst Watches of 2023

1. Jacob & Co Casino Turbant

Despite its technical prowess, the Casino Turbant by Jacob & Co is criticized for its gaudy appearance, resembling a novelty item.

2. Richard Mille RM 07-01

The RM 07-01, with its colored ceramics, is seen as a misstep for Richard Mille, lacking the refinement expected from the brand.

3. Patek Philippe Aquanaut Rainbow Minute Repeater

Patek Philippe's Aquanaut Rainbow Minute Repeater is deemed a departure from the brand's traditionally chic and dressy offerings, leaning towards a more garish design.

4. G-Shock and Other Brand Collaborations

The trend of watch brands collaborating with publications for special editions is criticized for diluting brand integrity and resembling cash grabs.

5. Rolex Day-Date Puzzle Dial and Oyster Perpetual Celebration

These Rolex models are seen as a step back in terms of class and refinement, with overly colorful and playful designs.

6. Chanel J12 Cybernetic Watch

Chanel's J12 Cybernetic Watch is dismissed for its high price and generic design.

7. Louis Vuitton Fiery Heart Utata and Tambour Opera Utata

These Louis Vuitton watches are criticized for their over-the-top designs and exorbitant pricing.

8. Breitling Top Time B21 Ford Mustang

The Top Time B21 Ford Mustang by Breitling is seen as a misaligned collaboration, lacking the refinement of previous Top Time models.

9. AP 1017 ALYX 9SM Collaboration

This collaboration between Audemars Piguet and 1017 ALYX 9SM is criticized for its impractical design and departure from the Royal Oak's iconic style.

10. Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Murakami

The Hublot MP-05, with its Murakami-inspired design, is seen as a charmless and aesthetically displeasing timepiece, despite its technical achievements.


2023 has been a year of both exciting innovations and questionable designs in the watch industry. While some brands have pushed the boundaries of creativity and functionality, others have taken missteps that deviate from their heritage. As always, the world of horology continues to be a diverse and dynamic field, reflecting a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Timestamped summary
The speaker reviews the best and worst watches of 2023, highlighting impressive releases and unique designs while also criticizing certain watches for their cheap and tacky designs, lack of class, and high prices.
00:00 The speaker shares their top 10 best and worst watches of 2023, highlighting unique designs and impressive releases from Zenith, Laco, and Citizen Group. Expand
05:11 Marco Braa's 38mm diver watch is praised, Grande Marco Amiko takes a year off to learn watchmaking and makes a successful debut in 2023. Expand
08:08 The 10 Best & Worst Watches Of 2023: Rolex's new 1930s inspired dress watch, limited edition Hanhart Red X twin sets, and the reissued Volcane Nautical Alarm with a mechanical alarm for professional diving. Expand
13:04 Rolex and Squale are top watch brands, with Squale's collaboration with the marina military being a historic moment, and the speaker's favorite release for 2023 is the 36 mm unisex Grand Seiko 1967 reference 44gs. Expand
15:49 The speaker gives their opinion on the best and worst watches of 2023, criticizing the cheap and tacky designs of the RM 07-01 and PCH watches, expressing disappointment in the lack of class in Patek watches, and believing that true watch journalism is dying. Expand
20:13 The speaker reviews the best and worst watches of 2023, questioning high prices and expressing concern about a brand's recent acquisition. Expand
23:14 Hublot introduced 40 new timepieces, some impressive, others lacking charm, and the AP 1017 Al YX 9sm collaboration watch is criticized for its design. Expand
26:13 Lots of support and amazing watches, stay tuned for more next year, happy holidays, and don't forget to like for more content.

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