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Article: Swatch X Blancpain Ocean of Storms Watch Review

Swatch X Blancpain Ocean of Storms Watch Review

Swatch X Blancpain Ocean of Storms Watch Review

Introduction to Swatch X Blancpain Ocean of Storms

The recent unveiling of the Swatch X Blancpain Ocean of Storms watch marks a significant addition to the renowned dive watch collection. This release fills a previously unaddressed gap in the collection, offering a more conservative option compared to its predecessors. Yet, it continues the trend of extensive releases by the brands, raising questions about the strategic direction of their product lineup.

Design and Aesthetics

Inspired by the moon's largest sea, the Ocean of Storms, the watch sports a unique design. It maintains the specifications synonymous with the bioceramic Scuba 50s series, featuring a distinctive NATO strap made from recycled fish nets. This choice of material aligns with a growing environmental consciousness in watchmaking. However, the overall design, deemed safe and somewhat unadventurous, contrasts with the typically bold and quirky styles that have characterized previous models in the collection.

Concept and Messaging

While the watch boasts a cool aesthetic appeal, the backstory and its disposable nature raise concerns. The messaging seems disjointed, particularly when compared to the iconic 50 Fathoms series, which holds a revered place in diving watch history. This inconsistency in branding and narrative might detract from the watch's identity and impact in the market.

Market Position and Pricing

Priced at $400 USD or £350, the watch positions itself in a competitive market segment. It offers an aesthetically pleasing design and a unique backstory but at a cost that might be considered steep by some enthusiasts. This pricing strategy may affect its reception among potential buyers, especially considering the watch's perceived disposability and safe design approach.

Reception and Critique

The release of the Swatch X Blancpain Ocean of Storms has elicited mixed reactions. On one hand, it is praised for its aesthetic appeal and its nod to environmental sustainability. On the other, it is criticized for its lack of innovation in design and mixed messaging. The comparison to a TV show that overstays its welcome encapsulates the sentiment that perhaps the series is reaching a point of saturation.


In conclusion, the Swatch X Blancpain Ocean of Storms is a watch that sparks debate. Its design and concept are commendable for their environmental consciousness and aesthetic appeal. However, the safe approach to its design, coupled with its high price and mixed messaging, may hinder its potential to stand out in a crowded market. It is a watch that, while not groundbreaking, adds a necessary dimension to the collection and deserves recognition for its attempt to balance novelty with tradition.


The review concludes with a note of gratitude to the patrons who support the analysis and critique of such products. Special appreciation is extended to the top-tier patrons who enable in-depth, unbiased reviews in the horology community.

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