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Review of the Christopher Ward C63 GMT Watch: A Rugged Homage to the Rolex Explorer 2

Review of the Christopher Ward C63 GMT Watch: A Rugged Homage to the Rolex Explorer 2

Introduction to the Christopher Ward C63 GMT

The Christopher Ward C63 GMT, launched in 2021, marks a significant addition to the British brand's lineup of Explorer-style watches. This 39mm timepiece is designed for adventurers and travelers alike, offering a blend of rugged durability and dual-time zone tracking capability.

Design and Specifications

With dimensions of 39 mm in width, 11.85 mm in thickness, and a 45.8 mm lug-to-lug span, the C63 GMT presents a formidable presence on the wrist. It features a 20 mm lug width, a 150 M water resistance rating, a screw-down crown, and a sapphire crystal, combining for a watch that wears larger than its dimensions suggest.

Build Quality and Aesthetics

Constructed from solid stainless steel, the C63 GMT feels exceptionally rugged, yet some may find it lacks the refinement seen in higher-priced alternatives. The bracelet, while thick and lacking a taper, is praised for its durability and ease of removal. The watch's overall design is a nod to the iconic Rolex Explorer 2, maintaining a balance between homage and originality.

Functionality and Movement

At the heart of the C63 GMT is its GMT movement, allowing for the tracking of two time zones. However, it falls short of being a true GMT by the standard that the GMT hand does not move independently. This detail may not detract from its utility for many users but is a point of consideration for purists.

Comparative Analysis with Rolex Explorer 2

The Christopher Ward C63 GMT positions itself as a homage to the Rolex Explorer 2 without resorting to elaborate stories or marketing hype. It respects the original's design ethos while offering a unique interpretation and solid execution at a more accessible price point.

Final Thoughts and Value Proposition

As a robust addition to any watch collection, the Christopher Ward C63 GMT offers a compelling value proposition. Its capability to accept 20 mm straps enhances its versatility, making it not only a tribute to the Explorer 2 but a practical choice for the modern adventurer.

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