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Nicolas Ghesquière and Emma Stone's Collaboration for Louis Vuitton

Nicolas Ghesquière and Emma Stone's Collaboration for Louis Vuitton

The Genesis of a Fashion and Film Fusion

In 2012, at a prestigious Met Ball, an introduction by Alber paved the way for a dynamic duo that would later redefine the intersections of fashion and film. Nicolas Ghesquière, renowned for his visionary approach to fashion, met Emma Stone, an actress whose performances captivate audiences worldwide. It was Alber who first recognized the potential synergy between Nicolas's innovative designs and Emma's profound understanding of character portrayal. This meeting of minds was not just a mere coincidence but a serendipitous alignment of creative spirits.

A Shared Vision for "Poor Things"

Emma Stone's involvement in the movie "Poor Things" became a pivotal point of discussion and bonding between her and Nicolas Ghesquière. Their mutual appreciation for storytelling through fashion and film led to a collaboration that felt both inspired and original. Nicolas's designs, known for their unique blend of contemporary edge and timeless elegance, found a new canvas in the characters and narrative of "Poor Things." This project was not just about clothing; it was about creating a visual and emotional extension of the film itself.

Innovating Within the Canvas of Louis Vuitton

Nicolas Ghesquière's tenure at Louis Vuitton has been marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation while honoring the brand's rich heritage. His approach to design is characterized by a blend of reverence for the past and a bold vision for the future. In discussing his inspiration for collections, Nicolas emphasized the importance of seeing the world through new eyes, an ethos that aligns perfectly with Louis Vuitton's legacy of exploration and discovery.

The Art of Creating New Classics

At the heart of Nicolas Ghesquière's philosophy is the challenge of crafting new classics that resonate with the contemporary zeitgeist while preserving the essence of Louis Vuitton's iconic designs. This delicate balance between innovation and tradition is what makes his work at Louis Vuitton not just fashion, but history in the making.

A Conversation on Fashion's Evolving Landscape

The dialogue between Nicolas Ghesquière and Emma Stone extends beyond the confines of specific projects to encompass broader reflections on the fashion industry's evolving landscape. Their conversation, rich with insights and mutual respect, highlights the ever-changing nature of fashion and the continuous quest for relevance and originality.

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