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Longines HydroConquest Dive Watches Review

Longines HydroConquest Dive Watches Review

Introduction to Longines HydroConquest

The Longines HydroConquest series continues to make waves in the luxury dive watch market. With the anticipated 2024 updates, including a new 39mm size and refreshed dial designs, these watches represent a blend of tradition and innovation. Much like the evolving market of luxury phone cases, which combine functionality with high-end materials, the HydroConquest line promises to offer a unique blend of style and utility.

Design and Aesthetics

The introduction of the new earthy green color, reminiscent of an olive or British moss, adds a touch of elegance to the HydroConquest range. This parallels the trend in luxury phone cases where unique colors and textures add a personal touch to devices. The 39mm and GMT models boast a robust 316l stainless steel construction, yet the smaller size may feel underwhelming for some, much like a luxury phone case that doesn't quite meet the expectations of discerning users.

Functional Features

Diving into specifics, the HydroConquest watches come with a 41mm case, a true GMT complication, and a water resistance of up to 300m. The twisty bezels, though, have been noted for their lack of grip, which can be a critical factor in dive conditions. In the realm of luxury phone cases, this is akin to having a case that is visually stunning but lacks ergonomic design for ease of use.

Drawbacks and Comparisons

Despite their elegance, the HydroConquest watches have their drawbacks. The bezels are noted for their challenging operation, and the bracelets, though made of high-quality materials, can feel cheap. This is somewhat similar to luxury phone cases that, while made from premium materials, might cut corners in design or functionality. However, the more refined clasp with a double push deployant on the watches shows Longines' commitment to quality, much like phone case manufacturers who focus on the finer details.

Advanced Features and Power Reserve

The watches feature a vintage GMT, Swiss super luminova, and a powerful 39mm in-house caliber movement with a 72-hour power reserve. This level of technical sophistication is mirrored in the world of luxury phone cases, where advanced features like enhanced protection and designer collaborations set apart high-end cases from the rest.

Movement and Functionality

The movement in the HydroConquest is smooth and precise, with a high beat per hour rate. However, the operational aspects, such as the slightly annoying handling and sharp crown guards, can detract from the overall experience. This is akin to a luxury phone case that looks stunning but may have functional limitations, like difficult button access or added bulk.

Vintage Aesthetic and Modern Certification

Embracing a vintage aesthetic with modern functionalities, the HydroConquest watches have ISO 764 certification for anti-magnetism and offer a comfortable fit. This blend of old and new is reflected in luxury phone cases that merge classic designs with modern materials and certifications.


The Longines HydroConquest series, with its true GMT functionality and water resistance, is a commendable choice for a dive watch. However, just as in the world of luxury phone cases, the sizing and color options might not cater to all tastes. This review highlights the importance of balancing aesthetics with functionality, whether it's in the realm of horology or phone accessories.

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