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Jacquemus' "Les Sculptures" Collection: A Confluence of Art, Fashion, and Luxury

Jacquemus' "Les Sculptures" Collection: A Confluence of Art, Fashion, and Luxury


In an unparalleled display of artistic finesse and fashion-forward thinking, Jacquemus recently unveiled the "Les Sculptures" collection in the serene South of France, merging the worlds of art, sculpture, and high fashion. The collection, marked by its innovative approach and detailed craftsmanship, stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion. Celebrity endorsements, notably from Julia Roberts, alongside a unique collaboration with the Maeght family, further elevate the collection's stature within the luxury market.

A Fusion of Art and Fashion

The "Les Sculptures" collection, presented amidst the lush backdrop of the Fondation Maeght, draws inspiration from the fluidity and form of modern sculpture. This artistic venture, supported by the presence of both the Jacquemus and Maeght families, showcased a seamless integration of fashion with the elemental forms and emotive power of sculpture. The choice of venue and the incorporation of tree sculptures and works by renowned artists underscored the thematic coherence of the collection, further amplified by the emotional bow taken by Simon Porte Jacquemus.

Celebrating Creativity and Collaboration

The collaboration with the Maeght family represents a pivotal moment for Jacquemus, highlighting a mutual appreciation for the arts and a shared vision for bringing artistic expressions to the forefront of fashion. This partnership not only influenced the selection of artworks that complemented the collection but also signified a bridging of generations in the appreciation of art. The involvement of celebrities and superstar models in the show underscored the cultural relevance and broad appeal of the collection, serving as a vibrant platform for the celebration of creative synergy.

Innovation in Design

Drawing from the aesthetic sensibilities of the 1980s and the sculptural genius of Giacometti, the collection introduces a fresh perspective on deconstructed suiting and geometric shapes. Julia Roberts' commendation of the collection's attention to detail and the innovative use of shapes speaks volumes about its impact. The integration of iconic fashion elements with the artistic intention behind each piece elevates the collection beyond mere clothing to wearable art. The collection's focus on transformation, embodied in its clean lines and sculptural elements, aligns seamlessly with the modern luxury consumer's desire for distinctive and meaningful fashion statements.

A New Paradigm for Luxury Gifts

The Jacquemus "Les Sculptures" collection transcends traditional fashion paradigms, presenting itself as an ideal embodiment of luxury gifting. The unique blend of art, fashion, and craftsmanship renders the collection's pieces as not just gifts, but as timeless investments in art and style. From the sculptural bag designs inspired by the likes of Maillol to the intricate details of the clothing that reflect the sensuality and fluidity of modern sculpture, each piece from the collection offers a unique narrative and aesthetic appeal, making them perfect luxury gifts for those who appreciate the finer aspects of fashion and art.


Jacquemus' "Les Sculptures" collection stands as a monumental achievement in the world of fashion, art, and luxury. It is a collection that not only showcases the creative genius of Simon Porte Jacquemus and his collaborators but also redefines what is possible in the realm of luxury fashion. As it garners acclaim from industry icons like Julia Roberts and captures the imagination of a global audience, the collection secures its place as a landmark in the evolution of fashion as a form of art and expression. In doing so, it also repositions luxury gifts within a new, artistic, and deeply personal context, offering unparalleled value and significance to those who seek to express their identity and appreciation through the medium of fashion.

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